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Maximize your network performance & reliability with a custom-tailored managed solution.

Efficient Site-to-Site Network Connection

Your business deserves more than just connectivity; it demands efficiency, reliability, security, and agility. That’s the promise of managed SD-WAN. With iTel Networks, you get a tailored solution that boosts bandwidth, cuts costs, and scales with your growth. Whether you have teams next door or across the country, we make sure they’re seamlessly linked.

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Why Managed SD-WAN?

Simplified MPLS Replacement

Upgrade your network to a more flexible and intuitive solution with the help of our engineering experts.

Reduced Network Downtime

We provide multiple connection types and proactively monitor and manage your network to ensure your business avoids costly downtime.

Scalability and Agility

Whether your team is remote or multi-site, we can add and remove network locations with ease. Bandwidth can also be easily scaled  through SD-WAN Bonding.

Secure Connections to Critical Applications

Enjoy peace of mind with top of the line security. Including Firewalls, Failover, and Unified Threat Management.

Supercharge your Network Security

Empower your workforce with robust defenses tailored for today’s digitally enabled world. Our suite of solutions is customizable to meet the unique security demands of your business, ensuring optimal protection and efficiency.


Proactive WAN Monitoring & Alerts

Full-time monitoring and alerts catches network errors before they become a problem.


Advanced DDoS Protection

Scrub suspicious traffic before it lands on your site, ensuring peace of mind.


Unified Threat Management

Robust functionality on one platform. Streamline your systems without losing performance.


Encryption & Traffic Authentication

Protect your LAN from external threats with customized firewall configuration.

Managed SD-WAN Benefits

iTel Networks excels in the design, installation, management, and monitoring of large-scale SD-WAN deployments.  Remove the complexities and costs of managing your own network, while having all of your sites covered under one unified bill.

Anti-Virus & Anti-Phishing

Comprehensive security features protect data and network transmissions.

Traffic & Audience Analytics

Gain insights into your site traffic, customer retention, bandwidth usage and more.

Bandwidth Control

Allocate and prioritize bandwidth based on business needs for optimal performance.

Cloud Optimization

Streamline cloud access for faster, more reliable connections.

Improved Application Performance

Prioritize critical applications for enhanced performance.

Stability & Scalability

Quickly deploy WAN services and adjust capabilities without significant infrastructure cost.

Network Visibility

Monitor real-time traffic and network performance for better decision-making.

Reduce Costs

Transition from expensive MPLS systems and cut down on labor costs for enhanced savings.


Leverage 100+ service providers to enhance network redundancy and performance.

Want More From Your Network?

Looking to do more with your network? iTel Networks offers advanced SD-WAN solutions that empower your connectivity. Want to increase bandwidth or reduce the chance of
an unexpected network outage? Add insurance and reliability to your business, no matter the location.

SD-WAN Failover

Effectively remove the fear of downtime with multi-carrier failover with same IP capabilities.

Internet Bonding

Increase bandwidth speed with aggregated internet connections. Operate efficiently no matter your location.

Cloud Connected

In today’s cloud-centric business landscape, our SD-WAN solution provides more than just a connection—it’s your robust, adaptive bridge to all major cloud platforms. Enjoy seamless integration bolstered by always-on connectivity, optimized cloud performance, top-tier security, and unparalleled visibility. 

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Enhance your business with coast to coast, end-to-end network solutions including internet, data, voice, and so much more. 

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Don’t take our word for it – Explore case studies to learn more about the iTel experience.

Dawson Group – Case Study

With 30 offices and sites spanning different-sized communities and rural locations, Dawson Group was struggling to stay connected.

Nature’s Fare – Case Study

Nature’s Fare was growing fast, & legacy systems were causing problems. With iTel they were able to build efficiency and plan for future growth.

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Rest easy knowing you’re in good hands with iTel. Our Global network operations centre is dedicated exclusively to business clients and is available 24/7/365. Leave the work to us and focus on your business.


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