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Scalable and agile hardware management ensuring optimal network performance.

Router Management
to Save You Time

With iTel’s Managed Router services, your hardware is in good hands. Let our team of experts configure and maintain your equipment to ensure high performance, while you do better things with your time.

As your business grows, the demands on your network grow alongside it – consuming more and more of your technical resources. No matter how complex or sophisticated your network is, iTel’s Managed Router service provides the ideal solution. Let’s Connect.

iTel Managed Router Includes


Expert set-up so you never have to start over from scratch

Ongoing Support

Leave the maintenance in our capable hands

Redundancy & Security

Failover options and a full suite of threat management to eliminate downtime

How it Works

This infographic illustrates the operation of iTel's Managed router connection. iTel connects to the Managed Router through a comprehensive Managed Security system, encompassing Managed Firewall, Content Filtering, Intrusion Detection, Anti Virus, and Anti Spam features. The Managed Router is subsequently linked to Managed Switch and Managed Voice devices.

All the Advantages of Professional Router Management

Don’t lose revenue to downtime – get a high-performance network you can rely on.


Troubleshooting and repairing complex networks can be time-consuming, but with an iTel Managed Router, you can keep your teams focused on innovation. Don’t miss business opportunities due to technical problems – keep productivity high and revenue flowing with professionally managed services.

Performance & Privacy

Create a virtual private network that is fully optimized for high performance. Secure your data with added redundancy, IPsec protocols and firewall configuration. Need more? Take things further with Managed Security on your router.

Peace of Mind

Rest easy knowing your router is fully optimized and protected. Let us take care of your least-favourite tasks – you’re in good hands with iTel.

Add Value to your Wavelength with Managed Services

At iTel, we’re already integrated with most major cloud providers. Unite all your public, private, and hybrid cloud infrastructure while enjoying secure, scalable access speeds.

Managed Continuity

If your failover is just a second connection from your main carrier, you’re still at risk from core outages. iTel offers carrier-agnostic and SD-WAN options to ensure you’re always online.

Managed Router

In today’s digital business environment, protecting your network means protecting your business. Get peace of mind with a full unified threat management suite on your iTel Networks Managed Router.

Managed Cloud Connect

What good is a cloud you can’t reach? Add providers like AWS and Azure as if they were a node on your network and leverage all the power of cloud computing.

Support You Can Count On

Rest easy knowing you’re in good hands with iTel. Our Global NOC is dedicated exclusively to business clients and is available 24/7/365. Leave the work to us and focus on your business.


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