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iTel Networks is the FIRST Canadian Authorized Peplink & Starlink Solutions Provider

Trusted by 1500+ Businesses

Dependable Internet For Even Your Most Remote Locations

iTel Networks goes beyond your standard Starlink Business Internet service; we can craft you an enterprise-grade network solution anywhere you work—high-speed and reliable managed connectivity designed to meet the bandwidth demands of your business.

Benefits of Using a Combined Power of Peplink & Starlink

Failover Internet Capabilities

Use Starlink as a backup connection for when your primary network experiences disruptions. Peplink hardware will ensure that you’re always ready to do business.

Bonded Starlink Connections

Supercharge your bandwidth by bonding together multiple Starlink connections for incredible internet speeds in even the most remote areas.

Remotely Managed Devices

Utilize Peplink’s browser-based management platform, InControl, to remotely administer all of your Starlink devices. Stay on top of your data all in one place. 

Tailor Made for Starlink

As an Authorized Peplink and Starlink Solutions Provider, iTel Networks provides businesses with optimized hardware specifically engineered to enhance Starlink connections.

When Businesses Should Choose Starlink Internet

Remote Operations

Starlink business internet is ideal for businesses operating in remote or rural areas where traditional internet connections falter, ensuring constant, reliable
online access.

5G/LTE Applications

Build a more resilient and reliable network by utilizing Starlink to bolster existing wireless internet solutions such as 5G or LTE.

Maritime Ventures

A game-changer for mobile businesses and maritime operations, offering stable and robust internet connectivity even while on the move or at sea.

Emergency & Field Services

Critical for emergency response teams and field service providers who require consistent and quick internet access in various locations, often under challenging conditions.

Events and Broadcasting

Confidently host your next conference or broadcast event
in locations where conventional internet is unreliable or not available, providing smooth, uninterrupted connectivity.

Bonding with Starlink

Aggregate multiple sources of bandwidth into one dependable and powerful connection. When one Starlink dish doesn’t meet your broadband expectations, we can bond several connections so you can achieve the speed your business requires to operate efficiently.

Failover Internet With Starlink

Depending on a single internet connection for all your business activities is like putting all your eggs in one basket. Diversify and protect your network with dedicated failover connections, including 5G/LTE wireless redundancy. 

Next-Level Hardware

Peplink MAX BR1 Pro Cat 20

Peplink MAX BR1
Pro 5G

Flat High-Performance Starlink Kit

Craft Your Dream Starlink Network with iTel

iTel has all the communications technology your workplaces could need. Build your end-to-end business solution today and get more out of your internet.


5G/LTE Internet

Deter Starlink coverage gaps with automatic failover to a backup 5G/LTE connection.


Managed SD-WAN

Optimize your Starlink efficiency with powerful SD-WAN network platforms.


Managed Cloud Connect

Take your operations to new heights with reliable, flexible, and cost-effective cloud solutions.



iTel’s custom data center solution provides comprehensive security and access reliability. 

Support You Can Count On

Rest easy knowing you’re in good hands with iTel. Our Global NOC is dedicated exclusively to business clients and is available 24/7/365. Leave the work to us and focus on your business.


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