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Keep your Point-of-Sale terminals online even during network disruptions.

Point-of-Sale Protection Against Network Outages

In the fast-paced world of retail and restaurants, every transaction counts. Can you afford to place your revenue, reputation, and customer trust all on a single connection? POS Protect is the only multi-carrier wireless failover solution designed for anyone to install and use within minutes.

How Does POS Protect Work?

POS Protect is the ultimate failover solution dedicated solely to supporting retailers, restaurants, and other vendor’s point-of-sale devices. Simple to install and use, POS Protect will ensure you can continue serving your customers even during network outages.


Connect the Device to Your POS Terminal

POS Protect hardware is compact and easy to set up. Simply follow the included instructions to connect the modem between your existing internet connection and your POS device.


Dual-Carrier SIMs

Our technology has two SIMs installed into the device, ready to use out of the box. POS Protect will give users a theoretical 100% uptime for your point-of-sale device.


Wireless Failover Protection

Wireless internet is the premier option for POS failover solutions. Wired internet connections may fail when providers share lines a mile down the road. LTE connections avoid this issue.


Enjoy Your Network Protection

Once plugged in, your system will be ready to go. The POS Protect device will automatically detect outages and switch to one of the available mobile networks within seconds.

Choose a Term Length That Fits Your Needs


$ 80
  • 2x SIMs (Different Carriers)
  • Powerful Peplink Modem
  • iTel Support & Maintenance


$ 65
  • 2x SIMs (Different Carriers)
  • Powerful Peplink Modem
  • iTel Support & Maintenance


$ 55
  • 2x SIMs (Different Carriers)
  • Powerful Peplink Modem
  • iTel Support & Maintenance

Bulk Orders

Contact Sales
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  • Our Team will be able to assist with the scheduling and deployment for any large orders

One Modem, Endless Benefits

POS Protect is powered by the innovative Peplink MAX BR1 Mini. Ready to power your point-of-sale terminal with peak wireless failover potential.

  • Plug-in and Go
  • 2x LTE Antennas
  • Durable & Form Factor
  • Intelligent Failover

No More Downtime Headaches

POS Protect’s failover technology operates within seconds, ensuring uninterrupted service even in the event of a network outage. Unlike other solutions, there’s no noticeable lag or disruption, guaranteeing a seamless experience for both employees and customers.

Plug & Play

POS Protect is designed with retail and restaurant owners in mind. Its user-friendly interface and straightforward implementation mean you don’t need to be a tech expert to keep your business running smoothly. Just plug it in, and you’re ready to go!

Low Risk, High Reward

Outages are an inevitable part of business, but their financial impact can be severe. A single disruption can cost more in lost revenue than the expense of POS Protect. By investing in this solution, businesses not only shield themselves from the immediate consequences of unexpected network hitches but also fortify their operations against future uncertainties. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

POS Protect is perfect for retailers, restaurants, or any vendor who relies on digital transactions and wants to ensure uninterrupted service, even during network outages.

The device sits between your current internet connection and your Point of Sale device.  When it detects a failure with your current internet connection, it automatically fails over to LTE, ensuring a seamless transition. 

In the default configuration, the failover between your internet connection and the LTE is approximately 5 seconds.

The package includes two SIM cards: one from Telus and one from Rogers. Telus serves as the primary network.

The Peplink device is the central unit that manages the failover process and ensures seamless connectivity for your point-of-sale machine during network interruptions.

The package comes with a 2GB cellular data plan.

The package includes specific SIM cards optimized for the failover process. It is recommended to use the provided SIM cards.

Point-of-sale systems will need to support Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) to be compatible with POS Protect. DHCP is essential for automatically assigning IP addresses and ensuring smooth communication between devices.

Rebooting the POS ensures that it correctly recognizes and communicates with the Peplink device, ensuring optimal functionality.

No, only one POS machine can be protected per Peplink device.

Yes, each package contains a self-instruction sheet to assist with the installation and setup.

Standard overage charges from the cellular providers (Telus or Rogers) may apply. It’s recommended to monitor your data usage and consider upgrading your plan if needed.

All standard point-of-sale terminal payments, including debit, credit, and NFC phone payments, can be processed using POS Protect during an outage.

The device has 2 modes of operation. One is NAT, and one is IP Passthrough. By default, the box operates in NAT mode, which results in the fastest failover time and minimizes the impact of an outage. In some cases, IP Passthrough may be required for interoperability with existing POS Systems (please contact us if this is required).

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