Reliable IT infrastructure for your business


Make sure your business doesn’t outgrow your technology

iTel can build you the custom data centre solution you need. Get efficient and cost-effective colocation so your business can boom.

Staying competitive means more demands on your IT every day. You want to connect up a variety of devices and deploy cloud services, all while staying secure and compliant. Constantly upgrading and maintaining your infrastructure is expensive – but you have other options.

iTel Colocation covers your whole IT strategy

iTel SIP Trunks are not location locked


We’ve built a network that spans Canada and the USA with high-speed connections and easy on-ramp access to cloud services and other networks.

Accessible through a variety of ethernet connections


High-grade security on both the physical and data level – with constant monitoring to keep your business safe.

Your data remains completely private to your organization


Smart power management  (A-B power, redundancy), cost-effective placement, and high-speed connections means easily upscaling.

Cable internet is a cost-effective internet service


Turn CapEx into OpEx, with full visibility of all costs. Be confident that 100% of your budget is going to the infrastructure you actually need.

Total control over your IT infrastructure – and more

Multi-location, multi-purpose solutions – get the right service in the right place.

Private, layer 2 connection: get a secure link to your DC and stay compliant.

High-speed delivery: reliably access your data and applications.

iTel Managed Voice is a system that grows with your company

Flexibility: if you need interconnections, physical structure or just a stable on-ramp for cloud access, we can support you.

iTel virtual machines are backed up and protected on multiple 100% redundant layer 2 sites

Comprehensive security: physical, virtual, or both. We provide peace of mind.

Stable power management: full redundancy and A-B power control means you’ll have service 24/7.

Cut costs with cloud-based PBX with iTel Managed Voice

Pay for what you need: our rack space policy is based on segments instead of full racks. Don’t waste your budget on space you don’t use.

Bundle with an iTel fibre connection and your data is hosted – and guaranteed to stay – in Canada. It won’t touch the public internet or be viewed by any third-party.

Colocation Across North America

One provider, one bill and one support number with iTel Networks

One Bill, One Support Number

There is nothing more frustrating than waiting on hold for hours or getting the technical support call runaround – especially if you’re bouncing between providers to get to the bottom of the issue!

Making your life easier is what we do. You only have to remember one support number, and our Technicians are ready to fix your problems on the first call. Within the first minute you’ll be connected to a highly-trained Canadian professional. Plus, you only get one bill for everything you need. iTel is simplicity at it’s best.



Please contact us for any additional information. We would be more than happy to direct you to the resources you need or put you in touch with an iTel Associate who will be able to answer all of your questions.


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