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Business Communications Technology – Simplified

Dealing with different companies for your business phones and internet is a headache – you’re stuck with expensive, pre-made packages and a technical support nightmare if anything goes down!

iTel is different. With our unrivalled “network of networks” we can build a seamless custom solution for your entire telecommunications infrastructure. You only have to remember one support number and only pay one bill. iTel is simplicity at its best.



National hosted PBX and custom phone solutions to help your business cut costs.


Dedicated business internet to keep you connected at all times.


National WAN, L2 (metro ethernet), MPLS, and SD-WAN solutions. Seamless, secure, and encompassing over 70 national networks.


Take advantage of secure virtual machines, disaster recovery, and express route L2 to hyperscalers.

iTel is a converged network company that harnesses the power of multiple carriers and the best technology, which enables us to create an affordable network solution for any business – in even the most remote locations across the country.

Save money, boost productivity, and see results with next-level business solutions

The right solution for your business

Working solely with businesses, we are revolutionizing the way connections are made across business phone, internet, and cloud services. Your custom solution is waiting for you.


Managed Voice | Business Internet | Cloud
Less than 10 employees with no dedicated IT department. In need of Managed Solutions to help keep business running smoothly.


IP Voice | Fiber | BondedMPLS (IP VPN)
Big reliance on SaaS and cloud computing, creating a lot of network strain and the need for high-speed symmetrical solutions.


IP Voice | Cloud | Fiber | IP VPN
Multiple branch offices, remote employees, and a large network. All staff, regardless of their location need high-speed and secure connections.

One of Canada’s Largest IP Voice Networks

We can provide numbers from over 3000+ Canadian cities coast to coast.

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