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Case Study

Dawson Group



Transportation Infrastructure – Construction, Maintenance & Truck Sales


Transportation Infrastructure – Construction, Maintenance & Truck Sales


  • Various phone providers and services across locations
  • Extensive directories for various offices, sites, and remote workers
  • Constant maintenance


8×8 UCaaS platform


  • Reduced operating costs by 35%
  • Streamlined and efficient maintenance/management
  • Improved flexibility and mobility
  • Quick procurement and implementation in a matter of hours


Dawson Group is comprised of several companies in various facets of transportation infrastructure – including road construction, maintenance, and truck/heavy equipment sales. Founded in 1922, Dawson Group is an intergenerational family company with an eye on continued longevity and sustainable growth.

With 30 offices and sites spanning different-sized communities and rural locations, they struggled to stay connected in an efficient manner. When Brian Eshpeter – Director of IT – came on board, different locations were using a wide variety of voice providers and technology. This led to extensive maintenance, with manual updates to directories on top of re-wiring and configuring any time someone relocated. The general consensus was that it shouldn’t be so difficult to get in touch with your colleagues, and they began assessing alternatives.


The unified communications solution by 8×8 and iTel was identified as meeting all their operational criteria – including price point.


FLEXIBILITY: 8×8’s flexibility means their staff can be very mobile – moving offices or working remotely is very simple. Phones are easy to relocate, with no additional configuration or effort from Brian’s team. With the mobile app, remote staff are able to stay connected while in the field.

IMPLEMENTATION: Transitioning from their old system was a quick and simple process – moving offices to the 8×8 solution was completed in a matter of hours. After piloting it at one of their offices – and procuring new equipment for other locations – they were able to roll it out across all sites. With a short changeover period and minimal effort, disruption to staff was minimal.

SUPPORT: Working with 8×8 and iTel has been a good experience for Brian and his team. With access to extensive training and support throughout the entire process, they felt confident in their decision.

PRICE: Dawson Group has seen significant cost-savings since transitioning to 8×8 – they’ve reduced costs on their phone and voice services by 35 percent! In addition to the upfront costs, they spend less time managing and maintaining their system and can put those hours to better use.

Shifting to 8×8 has given us measurable benefits, the first one being that we’ve reduced operating costs of our phone lines by 35%. Secondly, it’s a lot easier for our IT department to manage and maintain we don’t have to run around with different vendors and solutions. There’s a simplicity that’s been created – all while saving on costs
– Brian Eshpeter
IT Director

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