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What is UCaaS – and Why Would I Need It?

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What would a communication systems diagram look like for your business? Is it efficient and unified? …Or is it a jumble of systems pieced together over time?  If your business is like most, you are working with numerous communication applications from different developers that all made perfect sense at the time. While things might “work” with your current model, UCaaS could be your next big opportunity to save time and effort with a streamlined approach.  

What is UCaaS?

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is the evolution of Unified Communications (UC) design. UCaaS brings together a unified, cloud-delivered solution that supports business through:

  • Telephony;
  • Meetings – Video, Voice, Conferencing;
  • Unified Messaging (i.e. email, SMS, fax, voicemail);
  • Instant Messaging;
  • Presence Monitoring;
  • Mobility Integration; and
  • Communications-enabled Applications/Processes (i.e. contact centers, work collaboration).

UC systems have been around for years and are commonly found in big organizations that can build extensive on-premise infrastructure. Accessing these “as a service” has the key advantage of being hosted by the provider in the cloud, so your platform can be accessed by anyone, anywhere. More importantly, it is a cohesive tech solution that is scalable and accessible for all sizes of businesses. 

Seamless Connectivity & Communication

When using a patchwork of applications, your team is likely to use workarounds for various incompatibilities. You may not even realize that it’s taking an underlying effort to communicate and collaborate. This can appear in process bottlenecks, delayed communication flows and inefficient uses of time.

With a suite of applications specifically designed to work together, UCaaS streamlines collaboration efforts. When used to its full potential, this can eliminate communication blind spots and slowdowns. Team members get the access and confidence they need to feel connected to the business no matter their location or device.

IT management and administration time is another area that can benefit from UCaaS. It’s easy to overlook the time needed to deal with numerous vendors, between managing various contracts/service level agreements and monthly invoice processing. Supporting technical tickets can be stressful when your team needs to bounce between a variety of providers to track down what’s gone wrong. A UCaaS solution can dramatically cut the time needed for all of these, as you now have one touchpoint for all issues.  

The UCaaS Bottom Line

Cloud-based UCaaS offers a lot of efficiency savings and flexibility to a business, so finding the right UCaaS solution that fits and can scale with your business is time well spent – and saved. iTel is a national provider of business services, including voice, connectivity, networking and cloud. With most of our own team working remotely, we have the experience needed to build you the right solution. Talk to us today about how we can help find the right Unified Communications solutions for you.

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