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iTel Receives Technology Innovator Award 2020

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iTel Networks was recently honoured with the 2020 BCLC Technology Innovator Award from the Kamloops Chamber of Commerce.

The annual Business Excellence Awards recognize and celebrate locally owned businesses that have emerged as leaders in the community. The Technology Innovator Award specifically recognizes organizations that are making a positive impact for their customers via cutting edge technology.

“At iTel, innovation means staying in constant communication with our customers and employees to understand their needs,” says CEO Dan Rink. “That way we can solve their problems in a way that allows us to move with the market and stay ahead of the curve.”

“We’ve intentionally structured our operations so we can pivot rapidly as technology evolves. This has allowed us to stay at the forefront of our industry and deliver solutions that our competitors can’t.”

He specifically cites the speed at which they were able to roll out work-from-home solutions after lockdown orders came into effect earlier this year.

“Like many companies, we had to do this in an incredibly short window. Being adaptable was key – and fortunately, we have an amazing team that was up to the challenge.”

As one of the founding members of the Kamloops Innovation Centre, iTel has been committed to developing the local technology sector since its inception. More recently, they founded the BC Business Sales Accelerator to create support for businesses moving out of the start-up phase.

In addition to moving nearly their entire staff to remote working overnight, iTel was able to begin providing options for customers shortly after. iTel’s Office Anywhere solutions allow businesses to extend their networks to any location and provide secure, high-speed access to remote workers.

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“Being adaptable has been key – and fortunately, we have an amazing team that was up to the challenge.”

– Dan Rink, CEO


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