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Remote Collaboration & the Future Office

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Collaborating as a remote team is a powerful idea that’s not only completely doable – but expected by a growing number of workers. More than just technology, remote collaboration is a mindset that’s being adopted in a multitude of industries, offering a lot of benefits for both businesses and employees. Real estate is expensive, so it often makes more sense for companies to provide telecommunication and/or co-working spaces to maximize productivity.

Polycom conducted a global study in 2017 called “The Human Face of Remote Working”, which sought to uncover the new remote office workplace mentality. The study queried over 25,000 employees and the results were astoundingly positive. Nearly 98% of employees agreed that an ‘anywhere approach’ to working boosts productivity because it allows workers to choose locations where they’re most productive.

It’s studies like this that support the argument that the traditional office may be a thing of the past. Almost 3 out of 4 employees said their offices offered flexible hours and over 30% work remotely regularly.

Remote Collaboration Benefits for Businesses

  • Reduce Costs: When employees can work anywhere, companies are able to shrink their physical footprint. Instead of spending on real estate, companies can invest in developing their employees and launching new technology.
  • Broaden Your Hiring Pool: Collaboration tools create more opportunities to hire remote workers. This can be a big competitive advantage for companies who need specific skillsets. Depending on where your business is located, it might be difficult to find employees in your area that meet specific qualifications and experience levels. When you set up your office for telecommuting, you can expand your hiring pool to a global level.
  • Increased Efficiency: It pays to invest in your employees. Studies prove that a happy team is more productive. Offering staff the option to work when and where they want allows workers to choose their most efficient time and place to work. In turn, this boosts morale by making your employees feel trusted and valued. It’s a simple recipe that generates increased productivity.

Support Remote Collaboration With The Right Technology

Modern networks can’t just serve one location anymore. As workforces spread out, ensuring everyone has fast, secure access can become a challenge. Consider adding the following to your toolbox:

Managed Router:

With a professionally managed and configured router, you can reduce outages and ensure high performance, even as your network grows and becomes more complex. Modern equipment can eliminate the need for a VPN and equip your remote workers with secure, high-speed connectivity.

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)

With an integrated platform of chat, video, & voice – available across different devices – you can ensure that communication between your team and with your clients is a seamless process.

Managed Colocation:

Want to eliminate your head office entirely? With Managed Colocation, hardware can be hosted at data centres while services are delivered anywhere you need them.

Cloud Computing:

With fast and secure access, delivering your applications and file access through cloud providers can be practical and convenient. Review your data storage compliance requirements when considering your options.

Is Your Business Equipped For Success?

With the right tools, your business can support the high-quality collaboration and communication that remote workers need to thrive. Book time with our experts today to learn more.

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