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5 More Tips to Cut IT Costs and Balance Your Budget (Part 2)

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“How can I cut IT costs?” is a common question businesses ask. For part 2, we’ve got 5 more tips a business (big or small) can use to cut costs and simplify their IT budget.

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1. Meet Online

You’re already paying for internet features, so utilize them and hold meetings online. Especially for long-distance meetings, video and teleconferencing can cut travel costs while making the most of your IT services. Save the hotel costs for when it really matters.

2. Join the Cloud

By moving to cloud servers, companies can cut down unneeded server infrastructure that inflates down maintenance costs. With more uptime and improved efficiency, you can get your team’s time back.

3. Automate IT Tasks

Automating simple tasks like software updates and turning off printers during closing hours may not seem like much, but this tip can really help cut costs in the long run. Skilled work isn’t cheap, so don’t spend your IT talent’s time on repetitive, manual tasks!

4. Keep the End-User in Mind

When looking at new IT systems, think of who will be using them. Although the phone system with all the bells and whistles may be nice, does the end-user really need it to get the most productivity? Consider what features can offer the most benefit and what is just fancy. With this in mind, you can effectively “right-size” your system.

5. Take Advantage of Open-Source Apps

Open-sourced apps like Google Drive offer free and reliable collaboration services, so your employees get the most out of group projects while still cutting IT costs. Take into account any security concerns and use these tools only where they make the most sense.

The iTel team can provide the perspective you need to help build an IT stack that makes sense for your business. We pride ourselves on our ability to create efficient and flexible solutions for any business. Let’s Connect.

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