Benefits of Cloud Computing  – Part 2

5 MORE ways your business will benefit from the cloud


We have already gone over 5 important reasons why your business can be “Saved by the Cloud”, but there are still a lot more benefits. At iTel, we’re obsessive about redundancy and the concept of never missing a thing, so that’s why we have created a Part 2 to the Benefits of Cloud Computing to keep you fully in the loop.


1. Security

Many cloud service providers offer multi-layered security systems to protect your mission-critical operations.

2. Free up IT Resources

Be proactive, rather than reactive. Cloud computing frees up your IT staff from routine maintenance, lending their efforts towards high-level issues and strategic planning.  

3. Mobility

The cloud allows employees to work from anywhere, resulting in increased productivity and the ability to hire employees based on skillset, rather than location.

4. Scalability

Easily scale up or down based on your business’ fluctuating needs. Only pay for actual usage, instead of running excess resources as a buffer.

5. Eco-Friendly

Cloud computing means fewer machines, more efficient equipment, and centralized climate control centres.  

With all of these benefits, coupled with the previous five, it’s not surprising why so many businesses are making the switch to the cloud. With that being said, it is important to go over your options, budget, and assess needs to determine the technology that will be a good fit for your organization.

Is your network capable of supporting cloud integration?