Benefits of Cloud Computing  – Part 1

If Zack Morris wasn’t cool enough already, he had to go and show us all up with a cell phone.


He made Motorola DynaTAC brick phones the greatest thing since dual-tone multi-frequency signaling.

Experts predict that by 2019, more than 86% of workloads will be processed by cloud data centres. So obviously, the Zack Morris of today would definitely be utilizing the cloud because he was an innovator.

There are tons of reasons for businesses of every size to make the switch to the cloud. So flip your chair around, sit on it backwards, and read about all of the ways that cloud computing is totally where it’s at:

1. Reduce up-front costs:

There is no longer a need for expensive hardware that depreciates in value and requires replacement. That extra money means more burgers at The Max!

2. Stay current (like Lisa Turtle’s wardrobe)

With Software as a Service (SaaS), updates are available as soon as they’re released. This real-time updating helps boost productivity since updates often work on bug fixes and efficiency without downtime.

3. Disaster Recovery

Backups are kept in secure, geographically diverse locations. This can be a cost-effective option for small and medium businesses alike that require 100% reliability and uptime.

4. Collaboration

It offers the ability to share your work in real-time applications (like Google Docs or Microsoft 365) with employees and clients located across the globe, eliminating the back-and-forth process of waiting for emails. 

5. Competitive Advantage

Just like the rivalry between Bayside and Valley Highdifferentiate your business from competitors with the capacity to expand your reach, offer more products and services, and utilize enterprise-level service at small business affordability.

Cloud_ComputingYou want to increase efficiency without being bogged down by a slow internet connection as you upload your business into the cloud. 

It’s important to ensure your network is as cloud-ready as Jessie Spano was prepped for the SATs! Connections like fiber internet will provide the most efficient work environment through its high-speed symmetrical upload and download speeds, 100% uptime guarantee and MPLS capabilities.

You know the direction the future is going. Don’t be a Mr. Belding, stuck in your old-school hardware-driven storage ways. This is your chance to embrace your inner Zack Morris and lead the pack.

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