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The Benefits of Cloud Computing (Part 1)

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Cloud computing offers many benefits and has rapidly become a fundamental part of IT infrastructure for businesses around the world.  More than 86% of global workloads were processed by cloud data centres in 2017 and that number has only continued to grow.

The benefits of cloud computing are only more pronounced as teams go remote. We’ve collected the top five reasons that an enterprise cloud computing solution should be part of your network:

Reduce up-front costs:

You no longer need expensive hardware that depreciates and requires replacement. Cloud solutions turn CapEx into OpEx – so you can invest in better things!

Stay current

With Software as a Service (SaaS), updates are available as soon as they’re released. Real-time updating boosts productivity since updates often work on bug fixes and efficiency without downtime.

Disaster Recovery

Nearly 40% of small businesses in America fail after a natural disaster. But it doesn’t take a hurricane to permanently shutter your organization – something as simple as a burst pipe can destroy your records. With data centres available across diverse geographic locations, colocation can be a cost-effective option for businesses of all sizes to securely back up their data to the cloud. 


Cloud solutions offer the ability to share work in real-time applications like Google Docs or Microsoft 365.  With employees and clients across the globe, eliminating the back-and-forth process of waiting for emails is a big benefit. 

Competitive Advantage

Differentiate your business from competitors with expanded reach, more product and service offerings, and enterprise-level service – at small business affordability.

Don’t Undercut the Benefits of the Cloud with Unreliable Internet

Getting all the benefits of the cloud requires some preparation. It’s important to ensure your network is cloud-ready – after all, what good is a cloud you can’t reach? Connections like fibre internet will provide the most efficient work environment as it provides high-speed symmetrical upload and download speeds, 100% uptime guarantee and SD-WAN capabilities.

Don’t invest in a cloud computing solution until you know you have the infrastructure to get the most out of it. Consider how critical it’s going to be to your operations – is losing access to the cloud is going to be a major disruption? Having a managed connection to cloud hyperscalers can be the key to whether or not you generate revenue on any given day.

Is your network capable of cloud integration?

At iTel, our specialty is building streamlined network solutions for some of the most complex situations. Talk to us today to learn more about designing an IT stack that can support high-performance cloud computing.

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