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iTel Networks is Canada’s First Authorized Starlink and Peplink Solution Provider, Offering Advanced Connectivity Solutions Across the Country

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February 6th, 2024

iTel Networks Inc., a leading Managed Service Provider (MSP) in Canada, proudly announces itself as an Authorized Peplink and Starlink Solution Provider, establishing itself as the first Canadian Authorized Solution Provider. This new integration between Peplink and Starlink products heralds a new era of connectivity for businesses, especially for those in rural areas where high-speed internet has been a longstanding challenge.

With 20% – 60% of rural business locations in Canada lacking access to high-speed internet (depending on the province), iTel Networks steps in to bridge this gap with a unique solution. By integrating Peplink’s advanced 5G/LTE wireless technology with Starlink’s Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite internet, and iTel’s access to all three Canadian 5G Provider networks, iTel Networks offers a high-performance circuit option for rural locations and to enable universal secondary circuits for SDWAN, ensuring unparalleled internet uptime and speeds up to 500Mbit/150Mbit.

Dan Rink, CEO of iTel Networks, emphasizes the transformative nature of iTel’s role as an Authorized Peplink and Starlink Solution Provider: “Our commitment at iTel Networks goes beyond providing connectivity; we’re focused on eliminating the barriers to reliable internet access, particularly in areas that have historically struggled. The synergy of Peplink and Starlink technologies enables us to deliver high-speed, reliable internet solutions that are a game-changer for businesses across Canada. As we like to say, ‘If we can’t build the network, no one can.'”

We’re thrilled to have iTel Networks onboard as Canada’s first Authorized Peplink & Starlink Solution Provider!”, said Keith Chau, General Manager at Peplink, “Their exceptional track record in building comprehensive enterprise networks using Peplink technologies makes them a perfect provider to unleash the power of this revolutionary combination of Peplink and Starlink. Together, we’re bringing unprecedented, always-on connectivity to businesses across Canada, even in remote locations where it was once unthinkable.

This initiative not only enhances iTel Networks’ service offerings but also positions the company at the forefront of internet service providers (ISPs) in Canada. With the ability to offer and enhance the Starlink experience, iTel Networks stands out as a premier ISP, capable of deploying enterprise-grade, SDWAN and connectivity solutions nationwide.

This is a testament to iTel Networks’ commitment to innovation and customer service, leveraging its vast “network of networks” across North America, which includes collaborations and interconnection with over 100 ISPs.

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iTel Networks is a premier provider of business connectivity solutions, specializing in comprehensive managed networks for multi-site enterprises. Committed to innovation and superior customer service, iTel connects Canadian businesses with advanced technology solutions, utilizing one of the largest and most robust networks in North America.

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