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More Advantages of Cloud Computing (Part 2)

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We’ve already gone over 5 important reasons why your business can benefit from Welcoming the Cloud, but it doesn’t stop there. We’ve created a Part 2 to the Benefits of Cloud Computing to keep you fully in the loop about all the advantages:


Many cloud service providers offer multi-layered security systems to protect your mission-critical operations. Cloud data centres offer a broad range of security options – up to and including choosing an earthquake-free location. 

Free up IT Resources

Be proactive, rather than reactive. Cloud computing frees up your IT staff from routine maintenance, so they can put their expertise towards high-level issues and strategic planning.  


The cloud allows employees to work from anywhere, resulting in increased productivity and the ability to hire employees based on skillset, rather than location.


Easily scale up or down based on your business’ fluctuating needs. Only pay for actual usage, instead of running excess resources as a buffer.


Cloud computing means fewer machines, more efficient equipment, and centralized climate control centres.

With all of these advantages on top of the previous five, it’s not surprising why so many businesses are switching to cloud computing. That said, it’s important to assess your needs, options, and budget, to choose the right technology for your organization. Ask the following questions before you decide:

  1. Does this integrate with our existing tools? Switching back and forth is going to be a drain on productivity if your systems don’t play nicely with each other.
  2. Does this comply with privacy laws? What personal data do you store and is it bound by local privacy laws? Don’t get caught off guard!
  3. Do we have the infrastructure to support this? Launching a cloud solution only to find it throttled by slow internet is entirely preventable. Don’t build on a shaky foundation – consider whether or not you need to upgrade your connectivity first. Dedicated Fibre is a great choice.
  4. If this goes down, what are the consequences? If an outage brings all your revenue generation to a halt, a managed connection is a worthwhile investment.

Can Your Network Reap all the Advantages of Cloud Computing?

Getting all the advantages of cloud computing isn’t as simple as signing up for Microsoft Teams. Going in without a plan is a recipe for headaches! Our team of experts can help you assess your business needs and design the streamlined network solution that will take your business into the future. Contact us today.

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