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SD-WAN: The Bonded Internet "Dream Team" of Network Solutions

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Bonded Internet via SD-WAN

Here’s a good one: Your internet connection is SO slow that…. (hold on, the rest of the joke is still downloading).

Not funny? Perhaps it hits too close to home for you and your current internet connectivity woes. If so, you may just be in luck. New SD-WAN – Software-Defined Wide Area Network – appliances can take multiple internet connections and bond them together for increased speed and unparalleled reliability.

SD-WAN is a new, proprietary, over-the-top internet service with a lot of benefits, giving businesses the ability to increase speed regardless of what’s available at their location. For example, if you have a branch or satellite office in a remote location where high-speed internet isn’t available, bonding several connections together will create those higher speeds you’re looking for.

Think of SD-WAN as the “dream team” of network solutions. Not only does it bond multiple connections, but also multiple carriers, introducing true diversity to your failover and protecting you from core outages. With more professional services and devices relying on the internet, an outage is more than an inconvenience these days – it’s lost revenue. Bonding diverse connections enable businesses to maximize bandwidth, ensure guaranteed uptimes, and prioritize and encrypt traffic between sites.

How does it work?

  • Multiple connections are plugged into the appliance and output as one.
  • Eg. Cable + ADSL + LTE = iTel SD-WAN

The Result:

  • Increased Bandwidth: By uniting up to 5 connections together, your business internet gets boosted speeds up to 500% faster.
  • Encryption: Guards your information as it travels through various network connections.
  • 100% uptime: If an outage occurs on your main internet connection, you have several others that instantly pick up – without significant packet loss. Unlike failover solutions that only kick in after the outage has already knocked everyone offline, iTel’s SD-WAN solution ensures your failover is seamless.

SD-WAN For The Win

Bonded Internet via SD-WAN is a great option for many businesses. If you have remote or difficult to service locations, or just need more bandwidth at an affordable cost, you can benefit from an SD-WAN Solution. iTel specializes in building streamlined network solutions for businesses with complex network demands – you don’t have to settle for less. Talk to the experts today!

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