Keep Your Enterprise Connected With Managed Voice

By September 9, 2019 February 7th, 2020 Blog, Managed Services

Discover how managed voice solutions can keep your business communicating effectively.Today’s businesses need reliable and comprehensive voice technology that incorporates collaboration and optimizes the customer experience. While many businesses can deliver customer support, sales, and other business-critical functions through automation, voice calls are still the foundation of communication. However, complex business needs and new technologies can make selecting the right phone system challenging. The goal is to find a system that provides this foundation of voice connectivity and also enables communications growth.

Through managed voice, businesses can easily plug into a comprehensive, end-to-end voice system. A managed voice solution arms organizations with the ability to seamlessly communicate with customers, vendors, and others outside of an organization, while enabling more productive communication between employees within. 

Let a Managed Services Provider Handle Voice Needs

With managed voice, a team of experts does all the heavy lifting for you. Your business gets a reliable and scalable voice solution at lower costs than traditional “analog telephone systems,” and has modern features that increase connection with customers and between employees. It’s a solution that adds value without adding complications to a business’s already complex technology needs. 

Managed voice products and services include:

  • Hosted PBX that offers scalability, burst billing, call routing, and cost savings
  • Hardware that is preconfigured and optimized for your needs
  • Robust set of calling and productivity features
  • Eliminated costly maintenance and IT overhead

Enable Productivity and Growth Through Managed Voice

Combined, those aspects of managed voice boost productivity through the ability to share resources and seamlessly route calls between multiple office locations. Hosted PBX enables an organization to answer calls in one location, then route them accordingly across the entire enterprise, reducing personnel expenses while maintaining the professional touch of a live receptionist. 

The scalability of managed voice systems also helps organizations grow since hosted PBX and other managed voice solutions are cloud-based. Upgrades and updates are done remotely, ensuring that voice systems are always ready to serve your business and your customers. When needed, managed voice systems can be scaled up or down without costly upgrades.

Make Expensive Voice Solutions a Thing of the Past

Connecting to your customers and enabling your employees to efficiently communicate doesn’t mean that you have to burden your organization with hardware that can quickly become outdated. Service charges for on-site PBXs can be expensive. With managed voice, you can reduce operational costs and minimize capital investments, since you’ll no longer need an analog system, PRI, or on-site PBX. Easy scalability means you pay for what you need and use, and with burst-billing, you only pay for averages instead of peak usage.

Get Features and Uptime, Too

Reduced costs, scalability, and productivity are all great, but if a voice solution doesn’t deliver a quality experience, then these benefits ring hollow. With managed voice from iTel, businesses get a 100% uptime guarantee. This uptime guarantee is about more than delivering a dial tone. It guarantees full quality service and includes iTel’s “no-holds” 24/7 local Canadian technical support and emergency recovery with off-site hosting and call routing to deal with worst-case scenarios.

iTel’s managed voice solutions provide all of these benefits and more, helping businesses maintain voice connectivity while embracing new technologies and communications tools. For more information on the numerous benefits of iTel’s managed voice, contact us today.