Give your Enterprise 24/7 Protection with Managed Security

By September 2, 2019 October 15th, 2019 Blog, Managed Services

Discover how managed security can strengthen your organization’s defenses against increasingly complex threat vectors.It’s well-known that security is a crucial component of modern business, but cyber security technology has become increasingly complex. The wide-spread use of faster networks and cloud services increases vulnerabilities, and even many large enterprises lack the resources to effectively manage security on a day-to-day basis. 

Managed Security — Protecting Businesses of All Sizes

With managed security services, small, mid-size and large businesses each have access to expert cyber security protection and resources. Access to ever-present, ongoing security support is crucial because every business is connected to the internet today, and regardless of business size, data loss or compromised systems can be fatal to operations.

Some of the prevalent security risks facing businesses include:

Phishing attacks. Even with the growth in popularity of collaboration tools for optimized communication, email is still the standard for business communications. Hackers target businesses through spam or fake emails that appear legitimate but seek to trick recipients into divulging valuable information. 

Password weaknesses. A strong password is one of the best defenses against cyber threats. Poor password hygiene practices, such as reusing the same login credentials across multiple digital services, or sharing passwords among employees create windows of opportunity for cyber criminals.

Malware and ransomware. These are insidious programs that can infect your networks and systems and lock your business out of operation. In the case of ransomware, your data can be inaccessible until you pay a ransom to the bad guys. When you lose precious moments of connectivity and access to critical data, your business also loses revenue and customer confidence. 

Leveraging Technology and Expertise to Protect Businesses

Managed security gives businesses a complete set of security tools to ward off these threats and others. Most businesses cannot afford to devote IT staff to the type of monitoring and protection required to defend against these threats. Managed security delivers protection through a subscription model that ensures ongoing protection using the latest information and tactics. With managed security, businesses are a step ahead of cyber criminals. Modern security practices enabled through managed security include:

  • Intelligent and proactive threat detection
  • Expert risk assessment
  • 24x7x365 prevention, detection, and response
  • Security and risk consulting

With this combination of tools and services, the window of opportunity for cyber criminal activity is slammed shut. Threat intelligence can stay on top of known or emerging cyber security issues, but the combination of risk assessment and security consulting truly pays off in the end. This is because effective security isn’t just about patrolling the perimeter. For example, threats can enter undetected through employee error or password weaknesses. Managed security can bolster your organization’s defenses by helping with the implementation of security policies and practices that help create a human firewall out of your employees.

Managed security enables you to have instant access to broad security experience and expertise along with the latest threat detection and response tools. For more information on managed security and the role it plays in modern business connectivity, contact iTel today.