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iTel Networks in the top third of fastest growing companies in BC

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Kamloops BC, Sept 12, 2019

iTel Networks Inc has been named one of the Top 100 fastest-growing companies in B.C. in 2019 by Business in Vancouver

iTel offers all-encompassing communications solutions, with a focus on meeting the needs of businesses with multiple locations across Canada.

Ranking 35 out of the top 100, iTel is nestled between Imperial Metals Corp and B2Gold Corp.

“iTel’s growth and success as an international technology company based in Kamloops is the economic diversification we want to see in all of BC” says Dr Lincoln Smith, Executive Director of Kamloops Innovation. “This type technology sector growth is leading our community’s resiliency in a global economy.”

Every year, Business in Vancouver recognizes and celebrates the achievements of companies across B.C. that have shown remarkable growth over the past five years. The ranking is based on the percentage growth in revenue from 2014 to 2018. iTel’s revenue grew at a rate of over 180 per cent in that time frame.

“We’re on a mission to build the most extensive network of business communications services in the country, so we can connect businesses in ways they never thought possible,” says Chief Executive Officer Dan Rink.

“There are over 80 internet providers in Canada, but each of them have geographic limitations,” says Chief Technology Officer Adrian Boros. “We own network assets in data centres across Canada, enabling us to connect customers in every province. Companies don’t have to deal with five or six different providers to build their network anymore.”

“Working with iTel has enhanced our ability to deliver our services, not only to our staff, but to our clients as well,” says Jason Wassing, IT Manager for Kelson Group Property Management.   “Replacing our existing networks and separate phone systems into a single integrated package has streamlined our communication, and allowed us to manage our communication in a way not possible with our previous systems.  Most importantly, iTel has proven consistently reliable in their ability to deliver a quality product, with excellent support.”

iTel’s footprint is expanding rapidly, with more coverage south of the border everyday as American partners and clients are increasingly looking for ways to support sites in both the US and Canada.

That said, Rink attributes the company’s success to its people and the quality of service they provide.

“We aren’t going to route you to some offshore call centre – if you phone us, you’ll talk to a highly-trained staff member living in Canada. It’s a point of pride that our average hold time is 12 seconds, and our mean time to repair is 4 hours.”

iTel will be formally recognized at a BIV-hosted reception in Vancouver on October 17th.

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