Managed Business Continuity Keeps You Connected

You rely on your network and can’t afford downtime. iTel puts your continuity worries to rest.

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Failover Is Just the First Step in Business Continuity

You may believe that your carrier’s failover protection will cover your business in the event of a network outage. However, this protection doesn’t help:

When your carrier’s network
is down

If failover doesn’t integrate with your MPLS or SD-WAN

If your backup solution doesn’t offer the diversity necessary to be effective

iTel’s Managed Business Continuity Preserves Your Uptime

If your failover solution is nothing more than a second fiber optic cable from your existing carrier, your business won’t get its needed protection in the event of a natural disaster. Also, when you rely on just a second cable, you don’t preserve uptime when the cable simply runs alongside your primary connection. True business continuity requires much more.

Our managed business continuity solution is completely carrier-agnostic. If one carrier goes down, your connection has built-in automatic failover to multiple other carriers. This takes into account how your business works and the impact of downtime while introducing diversity to your connectivity method.

“It has been smooth sailing for the last 6 months with no downtime and the same great speed every day. We are truly happy with the service and quality of our iTel dedicated fibre Internet connection, and the biggest smile is reserved for my monthly budget figures. Choose iTel – not only will the price astound you – their service and people are top notch!”

Rob Przybylski, IT Director, St. Michaels University School

Have Confidence You’ll Stay Online With Managed Business Continuity

iTel delivers:

An approach to failover that looks beyond your primary architecture or a single carrier

Wireless backup for your wired internet connection

Specialized connections and failover protections for remote locations

Protections for essential business components such as VoIP, IoT, and other communications and data needs

Let iTel Add Comprehensive Planning to Your Business Continuity

There are numerous solutions to keep your business connected. Contact iTel today and learn all about how a tailored, carrier-agnostic managed business continuity plan can help keep your business competitive.