Managed Business Continuity

Put your worries to rest with managed failover solutions


Failover Is Just the First Step in Business Continuity

If your failover solution is just a second connection from your existing carrier, you aren’t protected from inevitable core outages. iTel offers a range of managed failover and SD-WAN options that build resiliency and true continuity into your network, so you don’t have to leave uptime to chance.

iTel’s Managed Business Continuity Includes

Intelligent Path Control
Automatically detects issues and routes accordingly

SD-WAN & Carrier Agnostic Options
Design the failover solution that meets your needs

Optimized for your critical applications

Choose The Best Option For Your Business

Managed Continuity Failover Option: a diagram showing iTel's connectivity options to businesses

Managed Continuity via Failover Circuit


Managed Connectivity SD-WAN option: multiple connection types connected through an iTel device to a business

Managed Continuity via SD-WAN

Uptime You Can Count On

All the advantages of a true business continuity plan


Don’t let downtime eat your revenue and reputation. Prioritize your critical applications and communication channels with automatic failover.


Get the solution that grows with you – create fully meshed tunnels between all your sites and easily add circuits as needed.

Peace of Mind

With robust options for failover and a full suite of threat management, you can focus on more important things. You’re in good hands with iTel.

Managed Continuity Benefits

Eliminate costly maintenance costs with iTel Managed Voice

Eliminate costly maintenance and IT overhead.

Get 100% uptime guarantee with iTel Managed Voice

100% uptime guarantee.

24/7 Canadian L3 technical support with iTel

“No-holds” 24/7 local Canadian L3 technical support.

Guaranteed quality of service with iTel Managed Voice

One bill for everything you could need


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