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How to Setup a Distributed Team for Success | Part 3

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In part 1 of this 3-part blog series we explored the benefits of Unified Communications. For part 2, we will dive into efficiencies that come from using Managed Services. Planning as though your entire workforce is remote can help to create the most opportunity with managed services from anywhere. In an office setting securing corporate […]

SD-WAN: iTel’s Answer to Connectivity Issues

Businesses are increasingly adopting SD-WAN for its ability to simplify network management, improve application performance, reduce costs, and increase agility. SD-WAN – Software-Defined Wide Area Network – can be used to enhance your business infrastructure, whether you’re in an urban setting or a remote area, to get the resiliency and bandwidth prioritization you need. The […]

Planning Ahead with Managed Connectivity

Managed connectivity is a small add-on service that adds a lot of value to growing businesses planning for the future. Your provider will take a proactive approach toward your business internet needs, so you always have the bandwidth and network architecture you need to achieve your goals. Internet access is fundamental to how organizations communicate, […]

Evaluating Business Internet Options

More enterprises are evaluating business internet options as networks become more and more complex.  As teams go remote, investing in cloud and unified communications (UCaaS) tools means that traditional networking models aren’t enough to support high performance any more. With cloud solutions and more mobile devices, network security strategies must change. As businesses demand better […]