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iTel Bridges the Connectivity Gap Between the US and Canada

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Connectivity between the US and Canada can be needlessly difficult considering how many businesses operate across the border. That’s why one of our goals at iTel is to bridge this gap.

We’ve partnered with the largest Canadian carriers to service the entire country with business telecom and encourage innovation. Doing this enables us to create affordable network solutions for businesses across Canada and the US – even in difficult-to-reach locations.

Learn the unique ways in which iTel traverses the US and Canada with its network.

Strengthening Cross-Border Connections With iTel

iTel has established relationships with US-based technology sourcing and distribution experts to facilitate connectivity between the US and Canada.  This includes a broad portfolio of internet, networking, UCaaS, and cloud services. As such, we can service US-based businesses with all of our offerings – even in the most remote locations.  iTel is not limited to geographical regions – remote or urban – in either Canada or the US.

iTel’s extensive network footprint means we can service businesses of all kinds, regardless of their location.  American companies with locations in Canada can access easy, cost-effective, reliable solutions in both countries through a single carrier.  iTel’s expansive service portfolio allows companies to get all the technology solutions they need in one place.

The Canadian Value-Add

Buying services from a Canadian company adds value for American businesses by streamlining the process. Traditionally, cross-border business flowed through complex, multi-tiered wholesale models – but iTel’s understanding of the local competitive landscape clarifies the process. By providing local insight on business and technology, iTel can custom design efficient solutions for our clients.

Need Business Connectivity Services between the US and Canada?

If you’re looking for a provider of connectivity services to help you meet your goals across the US and Canada, look no further than iTel. From managed voice to business-class L2 Fibre Internet to SD-WAN & colocation options, at iTel, we’ve got the affordable network solutions you need.

Contact us today to learn more about our internet and telecom solutions.

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