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Industry Case Study: Schools & School Districts

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About Calgary Arts Academy

Calgary Arts Academy (CAA) is a progressive public Kindergarten to Year 9 Charter School that  teaches the Alberta Education Curriculum through Arts Immersion– their own unique planning model. Every year the school continues to evolve in all areas, including the way technology is used.

The Problem

Two years ago they were on a 26MBit connection through another provider and it was not meeting the needs of either of their middle school or elementary campuses. The cost to increase their bandwidth to even double that capacity was daunting, even with a government subsidy.

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The Solution

“When we heard about iTel, we were excited to see if this was the solution we were looking for,” says Roy Miguens, Director of IT.
They now have 100Mbit symmetrical connections at both campuses, for a reasonable cost increase over the former provider solution.

“So far, this is one of our best investments in technology CAA has made in quite some time.”

“We no longer worry about paying overages due to the data, and are finally able to use newer technologies, such as Sesame, for student assessment. With our old data connections, this would be an impossible task,” says Miguens. He also shares that after a year of using the service, “we are very happy with the level of service, support, and the ability to grow our use of technology in new ways.”

iTel specializes in creating custom industry-specific networking solutions. We have worked with numerous schools and school districts, which allows us to fully understand the industry’s needs.

Contact us to receive a custom and complimentary full network review and see what type of iTel solutions could benefit your school the same way it did for Calgary Arts Academy.

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