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In a connected world, an explosion of access for almost anyone and anywhere means the ability to communicate with others no matter where. Likewise, devices can now speak to each other in the form of data transmissions at the speed of light; enabling paradigm-shifting advancements such as autonomous vehicles.

Geography matters little in our connected business world, real-time voice and video applications are streamlining workflows and innovating business processes. Connected devices are paving the way for automation. Manufacturers are able to improve efficiencies, reduce waste, and increase profits. Connectivity is so pervasive now that an organization’s local area networks can be understood as a series of extensive datasets, which are connected by application program interfaces powered by adaptive algorithms that are managed by a centralized platform. Woah. It is a new frontier.

Businesses everywhere, of all sizes, are undergoing massive transformation; leveraging the ubiquity of high-speed connectivity. 

In the digital economy, connectivity is powered by networking technology. It’s the connective tissue that brings together devices, users, and sites.

Whether it is the tested and proven benefits of crystal-clear voice, crisp video, authentication, and secure access to critical resources on-demand, or the promising value proposition of automation, self-service, and optimization of Cloud infrastructure; networking technology is at the core of it all.

When your network has a glitch it hurts. For example, from a user’s perspective, research by Ericsson strongly suggests that glitches in the form of latency and jitter increase blood pressure and stress levels. Furthermore, in terms of dollars & cents, Amazon estimates that a slowdown of just one second can cost $1.6 billion in lost sales per year, 7 percent of annual revenue.

Bringing together a distributed organization to ensure all resources and capabilities are available across the entire organization should not be stress inducing or financially draining. Instead, connectivity should be easy, reliable, and convenient across all business functions. In the digital economy, businesses are reliant on connectivity and when problems bubble-up such as with bandwidth, redundancy, security, cost control, quality, and/or scalability – it’s important to remember that these are the symptoms of the root problem – the network.

The answer is to create a robust feature-rich network.

We do that and it is called iTel Bonded Internet

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