5 Ways Managed Services Accelerate IT Value

By September 16, 2019October 7th, 2020Blog, Managed Services

All the Benefits of Managed Services

A managed service is much like your traditional telecom service, but the maintenance is the provider’s responsibility. This allows the providers to offer consultative solutions, products, and professional telecom services that remove the administrative headaches that can accompany certain technologies. Managed services cover a range of connectivity tools, including routers, security, continuity, voice, and more. 

Technology has the power to transform organizations, making them more productive and profitable. Connectivity is the foundation of modern business success – with the increased move to the cloud and transition to remote working, reliable internet access is critical. But connectivity is just part of the business technology puzzle, and all the moving parts – internet, cloud, security, and more – can be a burden if not properly managed. Read on to discover specific ways managed services help businesses get the most out of their technology.

Managed Connectivity Ensures Business Gets Done

It all starts with connectivity, but businesses need much more than flipping a switch. Organizations need network connections that are fast and reliable to support their operations. Managed connectivity takes a holistic approach, ensuring your business has the right internet type and speed for what you need to do.

With managed connectivity, your unique business operations and goals are evaluated to determine appropriate speed, type of connection, and bandwidth requirements. Factors considered include:

  • Cycles in your business’s activity, such as busy retail seasons that may require faster speeds, more bandwidth, or failover protection
  • Cloud usage and the need for symmetrical connection for uploading and downloading data
  • Remote employees and mobile connections that can demand higher bandwidth levels

Optimize Your Network With Managed Router Services

Businesses can allocate resources and attain end-to-end service for their networks more efficiently through managed router services. Managing your router in-house can be time-consuming, but a managed service provides the following benefits:

  • Predictable maintenance
  • Effective backup solutions
  • Improved team productivity

Managed router services provide the benefits of quality of service (QoS) or class of service (CoS) to prioritize important data. The result is better user experience,  lower costs, expert service, covered configuration and maintenance. Overall, you get the peace of mind from knowing that you have the latest routing equipment – and support at a predictable budget.

Protect Your Enterprise 24/7 With Managed Security

Cybersecurity has become increasingly complicated. The wide-spread use of faster networks and cloud services increases vulnerabilities while also offering more tools for protection. With managed security services, enterprises each have access to expert cybersecurity protection and resources.

Modern security practices enabled through managed security include:

  • Intelligent and proactive threat detection
  • Expert risk assessment
  • 24x7x365 prevention, detection, and response
  • Security and risk consulting

Managed security enables you to have instant access to broad security experience and expertise along with the latest threat detection and response tools.

Prepare for the Worst With Managed Business Continuity

While managed security helps businesses strengthen their defences and fine-tune data protection, managed business continuity minimizes disruption if your internet goes out entirely.

More and more, revenue generation activities rely on the internet. While most businesses may have a failover connection ready to go, there’s one key benefit to going with a managed option: you’ll be able to access carrier-agnostic solutions. If there’s a core outage at your ISP – and there will be – having diverse, managed connections will ensure you can get online anyways.

Managed continuity is also critical to disaster recovery planning. If an earthquake cuts your main internet cables, you’ll still be able to get online.

Keep Your Enterprise Connected With Managed Voice

Communications technology is only getting better and more innovative, but the key priorities for businesses remain the same. Reliable, easy-to-use voice technology will always be in style – and if it can empower collaboration and better customer experiences, all the better! Through managed voice, businesses can easily plug into a comprehensive, end-to-end voice system.

With managed voice services, a team of experts does all the heavy lifting for you. Your business gets reliable and scalable voice solutions at lower costs than “plain old telephone systems.” Managed voice products and services include:

  • Cloud PBX that offers scalability, burst billing, call routing, and cost savings
  • Hardware that is preconfigured and optimized for your needs
  • Robust set of calling and productivity features
  • No costly maintenance and IT overhead
  • 100% uptime guarantee

Service Anywhere With Managed Colocation

With more teams working from home than ever before, servicing your office building is no longer enough – but with managed colocation, your team gets all the value of secure, reliable network services from the comfort of their homes. With your hardware hosted in iTel’s secure data centre, you can turn residential connections into a dedicated, business-grade network.

Through these mission-critical functions, managed services provide valuable efficiency, productivity, and cost-savings benefits for IT teams. For more information about how managed services can optimize your organization’s connectivity, contact us at iTel. We can help you find the best solution to reduce the burden of managing technology.

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