The Case for Gigabit Internet for Business

By April 15, 2019 October 15th, 2019 Blog, Gigabit Internet

If your business is embracing cloud solutions and video conferencing, it may be time to invest in gigabit internet.If each of your employees spends even one minute per day waiting for a download to finish, you can swiftly log a lot of lost productivity over the course of a year. Multiply that by dozens or hundreds of employees, and you’ll quickly determine that it might be time to examine your internet speed. It may even be time for gigabit internet.

Your business internet connection is now more critical than ever. You’re no longer utilizing it for emails and web browsing. You have likely integrated some cloud-based technology, and even your communications may be wired through the internet. These increased demands on bandwidth mean that you’ve got to have the right connectivity to get the speed you require.

What Is Gigabit Internet? A provider offering gigabit internet will guarantee speeds of 1,000 megabits per second (Mbps) because 1,000 megabits is a gigabit, expressed as 1 Gbps. It’s important to note that many providers will guarantee a speed of “up to” 1,000 Mbps, but you should look for a guarantee of consistent service at that speed.

Do You Need a Gigabit of Speed? If your organization has a large number of users, or if you access multimedia tools, you may find that a gigabit is beneficial. You can also choose gigabit internet if you have or plan to implement one of the following:

  • High-definition streaming to multiple devices
  • Better support across all users and devices
  • Videoconferencing
  • Faster downloading and uploading for file transfers

Is Gigabit Internet Accessible to You? A speed of 1 Gbps is about 100 times faster than the average broadband service for a residence. It used to be considered extremely fast, but if you are in a major metropolitan area and you are working with a major provider, you can likely access gigabit internet. Providers recognize that as more enterprises invest in unified communications as a service (UCaaS), business internet speed is a priority and a need.

Building Your Case for Gigabit Internet: Maybe the idea of fast speed is appealing from a convenience perspective, but it’s also easy to create a business case for investing in high-speed connectivity. Gigabit internet may be instrumental in moving your entire organization toward driving some business goals. Consider these benefits:

Supporting Videoconferencing: Videoconferencing is not just replacing standard voice-based conference calls; it’s also replacing in-person meetings and helping organizations reduce costs related to travel. In addition, it allows enterprises to all but remove geographical considerations when hiring for positions on virtual teams.

Investing in higher speed business internet isn’t just about these clear-cut cost savings. It’s also about boosting your company image. For instance, if congestion interrupts your videoconference with a customer or business partner, it may negatively impact your reputation.

Improving Productivity: As discussed above, employee time spent waiting for a download or upload costs your enterprise, and as companies invest more heavily in digital resources, that downtime multiplies. Sharing large files requires high bandwidth, which can further slow internet speeds. For many enterprises, the small investment in gigabit internet is easily returned through the improved productivity seen in employees.

Boosting Employee Morale and Retention: Frustrated, bored employees are costly to your organization in terms of lost productivity and turnover. While internet speed is indeed not the only contributor to the employee experience, technology does play a role in employee satisfaction, and adequate internet speed is essential to creating a satisfying experience with that technology.

Employees who are stressed and frustrated can also contribute to a negative morale around your workplace. When you invest in your business internet connection, it powers the collaboration and communication that make your environment exciting and engaging. It also drives innovation, making your organization an attractive place to work.

Recruiting Talent: Top candidates are looking for innovative, agile employers that support creativity and productivity in the workplace. Hiring the talent that will support your competitive advantage means offering technology that fuels collaboration and mobile-optimized work environments.

With the talent shortage causing competition between employers for the best candidates, a gigabit internet connection can demonstrate to prospective employees that they’ll be equipped to do their jobs.

Assessing the Cost of Gigabit Internet: The cost to install gigabit internet depends primarily on whether your building is equipped for fiber-optic connectivity. If your building is not already fit with fiber, the installation cost depends on many factors, including the distance from the nearest fiber resources, physical barriers to a fiber line, such as railroad tracks or a river, building construction requirements, and the size of the building.

Following installation, you’ll pay a monthly fee, which depends on your provider, the terms of the agreement and your location. Be sure to check over your contract for the terms related to each of the following areas:

  • Bandwidth or speed that’s symmetrical for upload and download
  • Pricing
  • Reliability and guarantees
  • Support and services

To learn more about the availability of gigabit internet in your area, or to determine whether your current business internet speed is costing your organization in terms of productivity, contact us at iTel. We can help you assess how gigabit internet will impact your budget and the steps involved with accessing fiber-optic connectivity.