iTel Bridges the Connectivity Gap Between the US and Canada

By April 24, 2019 October 15th, 2019 Blog, News

Learn how iTel is strengthening cross-border connections between the US and Canada.Bridging the telecommunications gap between the US and Canada is one of iTel’s goals. As a voice, internet, and cloud services provider, iTel has created partnerships with the largest Canadian carriers in order to be able to service the entire country of Canada with internet and telecom, as well as encourage innovation. Unlike other carriers, iTel can create affordable network solutions for businesses across Canada and the US – extending even to the most difficult-to-reach locations.

Learn the unique ways in which iTel traverses the US and Canada with its network.

Strengthening Cross-Border Connections With iTel

In order to facilitate the connectivity between the US and Canada, iTel has established relationships with US-based technology sourcing experts, technology services distributors, as well as distributors of network, UCaaS, and cloud services. This ensures that iTel can service US-based businesses with all of its offerings – even in the most remote locations.

And iTel is not limited to geographical regions – remote or urban – in either Canada or the US. iTel is able to service businesses of all kinds, regardless of their location. And because of iTel’s ample network footprint, American companies with locations  in Canada are able to access easy and cost-effective solutions that guarantee serviceability to their customers in both countries without having to deal with multiple carriers. iTel’s portfolio with service providers across North America include data, internet, voice, and cloud services.

There is further value for American companies that buy services from a Canadian company: Traditionally, cross-border business flowed through complex, multi-tiered wholesale models. But iTel bills in Canadian dollars, understands the competitive landscape including all the major players, and is familiar with the country’s pricing and technology trends.

Need Business Connectivity Services?

If you’re looking for a service provider of connectivity to help you meet your goals across the US and Canada, look no further than iTel. From voice to business internet to networking and the cloud, at iTel, we’ve got the affordable network solutions you need. Contact us today to learn more about our internet and telecom solutions.