iTel Sync

Data Replication and Private Backup

Guarantee your files stay in your network with private backup and synchronization

iTel Sync creates backup for files and individual users in your organization. Rest easy knowing your company’s sensitive data travels on a private, layer 2 path* straight to our core where it is protected at multiple iTel data centres for 100% redundancy and disaster recovery.

iTel Sync

iTel Sync creates a secure and private file sharing alternative

Private Cloud
Cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, MS OneDrive and others are great, but they are not private. iTel Sync creates a secure and private file sharing alternative where no third-party will ever have access to your files.

Your data remains completely private to your organization

100% Secure
Not only will your data transfer over our L2 path, but you manage the encryption key*. iTel and any other third-party has no visibility into your data, it remains completely private to your organization.

Optimized for faster, less bandwidth-heavy replication

Incremental Replication
After the initial backup, we replicate your data incrementally. Changes are made based on your most recent backup, optimizing for faster, less bandwidth-heavy replication.  

iTel Sync allows the ability to scale usability as your organization grows

File/User Backup
Licenses are per client, enabling you to set up users and backup machines as you need with the ability to scale as your organization grows.

*Paths are only fully L2 when utilized with L2 components.

A Private Cloud, Multi-Tier Backup

  • Multi-tier backup system
  • 100% On-Premises
  • Web-based administration
  • Versioning
  • Encryption
  • Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X
  • Extensive reporting
  • Copies modified blocks within files
  • Syncbox
  • Built-in scheduler
  • Access files from anywhere, any device
  • and a lot more…
iTel Citadel is a private cloud, multi-tier backup system

Compliant with strict security requirements

When bundled with an iTel connection, your data is hosted in Canada and guaranteed to stay within the country. It will never traverse the public internet and never be viewed by any third-party.

MPLS offers high-performance connectivity across multiple business locations.


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