Comparing SC and LC Fibre Optic Connectors

By May 27, 2020July 13th, 2020Blog, Business Internet, Fibre

SC vs. LC Fibre Optic Connectors – What You Need To Know

Two of the most common fibre optic connectors used in business today are the SC and LC type connectors. While they are similar in use, they are not interchangeable and differ in design and size. When preparing your business for a fibre installation you must match the right connectors to your project to ensure optimal performance and reliability. 

Investing in a fibre installation provides your business with the infrastructure needed for growth by enabling drastic improvements in speed and reliability. Be confident that you’re getting the most out of your investment by learning more about the technology behind upgrading your fibre. 

The Basics: SC vs. LC Fibre Optic Connectors

SC and LC fibre connectors do more than just terminate the cable, they’re part of bringing your business telecommunications to life.  

SC connectors (AKA: Subscriber connector, Square connector, or Standard connector) use a push-pull design but utilize a locking tab to secure the cable. SC is typically used for datacom and telecom applications and is the most common type of fibre optic connector found in business today. 

LC connectors (AKA: Lucent connector, Little connector, or Local connector) are designed as a push-pull connector that locks in place with a latch to secure the cable.  LC is now the preferred choice for high-density connections as it is half the size and can be used on equipment that would otherwise not have the space to support a connection.  While the LC connector may not be the most common today, it is gaining in popularity. 

Strengths & Weaknesses: SC vs. LC

Size:  The LC connector is half the size of an SC connector (1.25mm vs. 2.5mm), making it a popular choice for business environments where the number of connections per area is higher, and the density of connections in an area can be an important factor to decision making and cost analysis. 

Ease of Use: Both are equally easy to use but considering the push-pull design of an SC versus the LC’s latched connector design could be a factor in some use cases.

Reputation:  The SC connector is popular with businesses, having a proven track record over 30 years. The LC connector is the newer design but is quickly catching up in popularity due to its size advantage.  Both types of connectors offer business comparable insertion loss and return capabilities. 

Performance: The corporate world demands fast, efficient, and stable performance when it comes to data communication. Both LC and SC fibre connectors are equally designed to receive and transmit data without external interference and can get the job done. 

Which one is best for your business?

Deciding which connector type is best will come down to understanding your business and how significant connection size is to the project specifics.  iTel’s team of experts is dedicated to your success and will help you make the right choice – ensuring you get a customized solution that meets all your telecommunications infrastructure needs. 


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