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Why Add MPLS to VoIP? 3 Reasons These Go Together

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Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the go-to phone solution for medium and large businesses. With its ability to utilize your internet connection to place free phone calls, VoIP can save costs in the workplace. It is, however, reliant on the internet bandwidth it’s hosted on. If a company has a poor internet connection, the quality of calls could be seriously impacted.

Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) labels and prioritizes internet traffic, so critical applications like voice and video conferencing are guaranteed the bandwidth they need to perform. Here are 4 ways MPLS holds the key to your VoIP system’s heart:
3 Ways How MPLS can benefit VoIP

1. Real-time Performance

Say goodbye to choppy Webex meetings and dropped Skype calls, ‘cause it’s smooth sailing from here. MPLS prioritizes data packets (called Ethernet Virtual Connections (EVC)) based on their “Class of Service”, so mission-critical workloads are guaranteed the bandwidth they need to perform in real-time. Performance is backed by our 100% SLA, so you’re guaranteed uptime all the time.

2. Bandwidth Pooling

For most connections, networks need to look inside every data packet at each router point to know where it’s going. It’s like having to look inside a package at every post office along the way to find out its final destination.

MPLS labels these packets, so routers know exactly where the data is going without having to open it again and again, allowing for faster routing and an increase in available bandwidth. Your VoIP system won’t struggle with an internet bottleneck ever again.

3. Increased Security

Cybercrimes cost businesses as much as $400 billion a year, so it’s no wonder companies look for secure networks for their VoIP systems. iTel MPLS is a Layer 2 service, so your private network traffic avoids public gateway and vital data remains secure.

Bottom Line

As Forrest Gump might say, VoIP and MPLS go together like peas and carrots. The quality of your VoIP calls could be improved from MPLS’ prioritization and bandwidth-boosting abilities. Contact us today to get layer 2 MPLS for your VoIP on one of Canada’s furthest-reaching networks.

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