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Bundle up and protect your business against DDoS attacks. 

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What’s DDoS you ask? DDoS = Distributed Denial of Service, which is an orchestrated malicious attack that floods a network or website with illicit traffic to the point where it ultimately overloads and crashes. 

Why care about DDoS?

A loss of service costs money, eats into productivity, results in a loss of service, and can impact your business’ reputation. Not all DDoS interruptions are intended to block access to services – some are used to distract the target’s security resources while the attacker is busy stealing data or information. The end result of DDoS is service interruption to clients and customers, whether that be through network disruption or preventing site access, and that’s not good for any business.

A 2017 survey by global cybersecurity company Kaspersky Lab and B2B International found that, on average, the cost of a DDoS attack for enterprises was $2 million, and the cost of a DDoS attack for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) was $120,000.

Almost 25 percent of respondents said they lost revenue and business opportunities as a direct result of a DDoS attack and 22 percent cited a loss of reputation among clients and business partners. Additional consequences include loss of customer trust, data, and intellectual property.

iTel’s DDoS Protection

This service is a managed, cloud-based solution that monitors and mitigates threats in real-time – effectively preventing any loss of service due to DDoS attacks. iTel will look at your normal network traffic profile and establish a baseline. Monitoring is proactive, so when there’s a deviation from this profile, iTel will receive an alert and mitigate within 300 seconds, routing all traffic to a scrubbing centre via state of the art Arbor Threat Mitigation. You’ll be notified while monitoring continues until the attack is resolved, meaning your IT team can focus on serving your business. 

As an innovator, iTel is always looking for ways to better its services and maintain high customer satisfaction. This is something we take seriously and protecting our customers is always on our minds. Bundling DDoS with our service offers unprecedented protection and peace of mind.

Adrian Boros, CTO 

iTel is a national provider of business services, including voice, connectivity, networking, and cloud. As a converged network company, we harness the power of every Canadian carrier and every technology to create an affordable network solution for any sized business – in even the most remote locations across Canada and the US.

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