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How Managed Voice Solutions Benefit Your Business

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Today’s businesses need reliable voice technology that ensures your customers can reach you without issues. While many businesses can deliver sales, and other business-critical functions through automation, phone calls are still the foundation of communication. However, complex business needs and new technologies can make selecting the right phone system challenging. The goal is to find […]

Internet Failover for Business Continuity

As more and more business moves online, continuity plans have to include your internet. Having a failover connection for your internet is critical in mitigating the effects of unplanned outages.

How to Setup a Distributed Team for Success | Part 2

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In part 1 of this 3-part blog series we explored the benefits of Unified Communications. For part 2, we will dive into efficiencies that come from using Managed Services. Planning as though your entire workforce is remote can help to create the most opportunity with managed services from anywhere. In an office setting securing corporate […]

Bundle up and protect your business against DDoS attacks. 

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What’s DDoS you ask? DDoS = Distributed Denial of Service, which is an orchestrated malicious attack that floods a network or website with illicit traffic to the point where it ultimately overloads and crashes.  Why care about DDoS? A loss of service costs money, eats into productivity, results in a loss of service, and can […]

Astec Safety – Case Study

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After partnering with iTel Networks, Astec Safety enjoys a superior network experience for both staff and customers through enhanced data and voice services.

Give your Business 24/7 Protection with Managed Security

It’s well-known that security is a crucial component of modern business, but cybersecurity technology has become increasingly complex. The wide-spread use of faster networks and cloud services increases vulnerabilities, and even many large enterprises lack the resources to effectively manage security on a day-to-day basis.  Managed Security — Protecting Businesses of All Sizes With managed […]

Planning Ahead with Managed Connectivity

Managed connectivity is a small add-on service that adds a lot of value to growing businesses planning for the future. Your provider will take a proactive approach toward your business internet needs, so you always have the bandwidth and network architecture you need to achieve your goals. Internet access is fundamental to how organizations communicate, […]