How to Setup a Distributed Team for Success | Part 3

Bandwidth – A Critical Component of Success for Distributed Teams

In part 1 and  part 2 of this 3 blog series we explored the benefits of Unified Communications and Managed Services efficiencies that help with a remote workforce. For part 3, we will touch on Internet bandwidth which is often overlooked.

All too often business efforts are focussed on implementing new technology… and the health of the internet connection is forgotten

The underlying component of optimal online technology is a robust internet connection. It’s critical to think of an internet connection like the foundation of a house, without a solid base the house would be unstable and crumble over time. 

All too often business efforts are focussed on implementing new technology. The health of the internet connection is forgotten or not enough time is put into analyzing it to ensure it can properly support the technology that is being implemented. 

With a more distributed workforce in play,  your overall corporate bandwidth requirements may increase especially if you are using VPN technology and the number of VPN users increases.

Another key to success, that is equally important, is knowing that your distributed teams have enough bandwidth in their homes to support not only your business requirements but also their personal requirements at the same time, especially if there are multiple family members in the home sharing the same connection at the same times. 

In some cases, depending on the residential location, the internet connection is small and not able to support the bandwidth requirements of business tools. If bandwidth is a problem one of your remote workers is dealing with, there are solutions out there that can take both wired and wireless internet and combine them together (called bonding) to provide a larger connection. This innovative solution can also provide redundancy if for some reason one of the connections stops working.

Regardless of the remote internet connection being used it is most important to secure it as if it was a business connection. Security is often overlooked especially when businesses move their workforce from an office environment to a remote environment in a pandemic.

Unlike other Internet providers out there, iTel is also a network service provider so we manage the Internet that all remote solutions operate on.  This is helpful because it allows us to look at the entire technological requirements of an organization and make sure that all solutions are working together well. 

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