5 Ways a Hosted PBX Can Benefit Your Business

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Hosted PBX benefits your business by taking your system into the cloud for increased flexibility, cost savings, and more. In today’s business world, finding ways to save time and money – while increasing efficiency – is paramount, and your phone systems could be an overlooked opportunity.

We’ve collected the top 5 Hosted PBX benefits for businesses below – and look out for part two of our list coming soon!

1. Save the upfront hardware costs

Hosted PBX only requires VoIP phones– no expensive operating system licenses. By hosting your phone system in the cloud, you cut out the high upfront costs of a traditional system and immediately see savings.

2. Personalized features for every employee

Instead of tying up internal IT resources, employees can take customization into their own hands. With hosted PBX’s web portal, employees can easily set their own custom phone features within minutes.

3. Ability to scale up or down as needed

With hosted PBX, you’re never locked into a fixed number of lines. A hosted system can be easily expanded or decreased depending on your current staffing needs, so you never have to overpay for a service you aren’t using.

4.Disaster recovery with no downtime

Hosted PBX exists in multiple, geographically diverse data centres, so it has the disaster recovery in place that’s essential for today’s businesses. Even if the lines to your location are cut, your customers will still be able to reach your IVR and employees can still access calls re-routed to cell phones. 100% uptime.

5.Feature-rich for boosted productivity

A survey conducted by Sage Research found that internet-based telephony can increase employee productivity by up to 3.9 hours per week. With that kind of boost, your business can make your resources go further.

A good example of this is Hosted PBX’s “follow me” feature, which gives employees the option to receive calls on mobile and landlines. This cuts out unneeded games of phone tag and helps employees communicate no matter where they go.


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