Important questions to ask your service provider about reliability.

Choosing a network provider isn’t just about going with the company that can provide you with the fastest internet at the cheapest cost. When you think about it, selecting your service provider is really about entrusting them with your entire business.

Network_ReliabilityIt is very likely that you have worked in an office when at some point the internet went down and we can bet that the entire operation was at a standstill.

With the rise in cloud applications and SaaS services, daily business activities are so reliant on the network connectivity that it’s actually kind of scary. If your internet isn’t always working perfectly, the loss in productivity and earnings could be astronomical.

We’ve already covered 6 must-ask questions when choosing an internet service provider, but to take it one step further, you really want to make sure you are going to receive the most secure and reliable network. Your business’ productivity depends on it. By doing a little bit of due-diligence and asking your future provider these important questions, you could be saving your company thousands of dollars and a lot of painful headaches.

10 questions to ask your potential service provider about their network reliability:

1. What network redundancy features do you have in place?

2. Do you have an SLA? What is it and how is it established?

3. How many times have your services been down?

4. What are your call wait times when calling your support line?

5. What are you doing to protect against malware?

6. What kind of backup will I have if something fails?

7. What additional resources can you offer?

8. Is there only one switch/router vendor?

9. What intrusion protection/detection products are deployed?

10. What network components are used to replicate SAN data from one data centre to another remote data centre?

Bottom Line

Switching service providers can be an overwhelming task, but with a little bit of research and analytical questioning, you will effectively arm yourself with the correct knowledge needed to make an informed decision that will leave you feeling confident about your services and ready to tackle the competition with your new competitive edge.

Want to put your newly acquired reliability wisdom to work?

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