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Value-Added Services for Fibre Internet

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Once you’ve made the jump to a true enterprise-grade Fibre Internet connection, a lot of value-added services become available. More than just a speed upgrade, you can leverage a range of services that ensure your business network is fully optimized.

Speed alone isn’t something to sniff at – after all, when you can upload your data to the cloud in 2 seconds instead of 2 minutes, your productivity is going to skyrocket. But the benefits don’t stop there.

First, what is a value-added service?

Value-adds are “non-core” services. For example, your internet connection would be the core service and value-adds are services you can add onto that connection such as MPLS, SIP Trunks or Colocation.

Using the above-mentioned examples, here’s a glance at how well these services perform when delivered over enterprise-grade fibre internet.

MPLS delivered over enterprise-grade fibre

MPLS stands for multi-protocol label switching. It’s a protocol that labels your data and assigns prioritized transfer routes for critical data packets like voice and video.

When your data is sent via MPLS over a fibre Ethernet circuit you are not only speeding up the transfer and keeping it completely private over a point-to-point network, but you’re also getting the added benefit of a lot of bandwidth and a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that guarantees your connection won’t go down.

SIP Trunking

SIP Trunks combine your voice, internet and WAN traffic all over a single IP connection. With SIP Trunking via fibre, you get peace of mind knowing your bandwidth is enough to sustain all concurrent calls.

Another benefit of SIP Trunks over fibre is the SLA or uptime guarantee. Your connection will always be running, which means your phones will always be ringing too.

Colocation Access via Fibre

Colocation provides your business with offsite servers for secure, affordable cloud-based data replication and backup. These are crucial steps to ensure business continuity, as most organizations often backup their files and sensitive data on a daily or even hourly basis. When this is happening regularly it has the potential to jam up your bandwidth on a slower connection.

Data replication over enterprise-grade fibre offers sufficient bandwidth needs, uptime guarantees (SLAs) and in some cases, a private L2 path to your personal cloud. Standard business internet just can’t offer these same benefits.

When you’re shopping for new business internet, it’s important to consider the big picture (not just your connection). Will you be utilizing value-added services on your internet? And if so, will your connection be able to support them? Our team is here to help you build the custom solution you need for business today – and into the future.

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