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Benefits MPLS in the healthcare industry

MPLS in HealthCare

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Healthcare organizations send confidential patient data every day that has to follow strict regulatory mandates. Healthcare information must meet privacy standards and assure that it is being properly shared and distributed. This is where MPLS shines.

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iTel Partners with TWT Group

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iTel Networks Inc. and TWT Group, today announced their new partnership under iTel’s Channel Partner Program. This new partnership will create opportunities for both companies to expand their product portfolio and grow their network, enabling them to provide IT solutions to more businesses than ever before.

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Point-to-Point vs. GPON Fiber

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If your business is in the market for a fiber connection with faster speeds, increased security, and complete redundancy then you will want to read this. There are various classes of fiber connections for businesses, namely point-to-point and GPON fiber and it’s important to understand how they differ.

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10 Essential Reliability Questions

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With the rise in cloud applications and SaaS services, daily business activities are so reliant on the network connectivity that it’s actually kind of scary. If your internet isn’t always working perfectly, the loss in productivity and earnings could be astronomical. You need to be asking the right questions when considering prospective service providers.

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The Internet vs. Layer 2

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You know that feeling when you’re late for a meeting and conveniently there’s a huge traffic jam on your regular route? Think of your “late for a meeting self” as data being transferred over the internet and the highway/side roads as the routers trying to deliver you to your destination.

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Benefits of the Cloud (Part 2)

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We have already gone over 5 important reasons why your business can be “Saved by the Cloud”, but there are still a lot more benefits. At iTel, we’re obsessive about redundancy and the concept of never missing a thing, so that’s why we have created a Part 2 to the Benefits of Cloud Computing to keep you fully in the loop.

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Saved By The Cloud (Part 1)

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If Zack Morris wasn’t cool enough already, he had to show us up with a cell phone. Experts predict that by 2019, more than 86% of workloads will be processed by cloud data centres. So obviously, the Zack Morris of today would definitely be utilizing the cloud because he was an innovator.

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Our Lives Are Connected

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In a connected world, an explosion of access for almost anyone and anywhere means the ability to communicate with others no matter where. Likewise, devices can now speak to each other in the form of data transmissions at the speed of light; enabling paradigm-shifting advancements such as autonomous vehicles.

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