Choosing a fiber plan can be overwhelming.

Let’s simplify it.

What to Look for When Buying Fiber Internet for BusinessYou’ve decided to boost productivity and take your company to the next level, but where to start?

Whether it’s deciding what symmetrical speed you need, or what provider to choose, there’s a lot to look at when buying your next high-speed business internet connection

Here’s our ultimate shortlist of what to look for when buying fiber internet for your business:

1. True fiber, not FTTN

With so many fiber-to-the-node (FTTN) services popping up, it’s easy to get confused. When buying your internet, look for an end-to-end fiber optic solution, not a FTTN fluffed with marketing mumbo jumbo to look like true fiber.

What is FTTN? FTTN uses fiber optic cable to transmit data a part of the journey, while the last few miles of the connection are switched over and transferred on copper or another wire. FTTN is common for residential fiber internet, where the cable is shared between houses and promised speeds aren’t obtainable (especially at peak times).

2. Dedicated speeds

Ever notice *speeds up to in the fine print? Although fiber is known to be fast, some internet providers don’t actually guarantee these advertised speeds.

Always look for dedicated speeds that are guaranteed when shopping for fiber internet, or else you may get the variable speeds of FTTN mentioned above. Since only your business will have access to that dedicated connection, it’s also much more secure than typical shared lines.

3. Guaranteed uptime

According to Gartner, average hourly cost of downtime for computer networks is $42,000 per hour, so it’s no wonder uptime is an important connection aspect. Look for a 100% Service Level Agreement (SLA) that guarantees a company’s commitment to quality and uptime.

4. Unlimited data usage

When you compare fiber internet services, make sure the plan has unlimited data usage. As companies increasingly use the cloud for everyday tasks like video conferencing, data usage can quickly max out. With a fiber service that offers unlimited capacity, your employees can stream those YouTube playlists all day long.

Bottom Line

When looking to boost productivity with fiber internet, it’s essential to ensure the service you choose has these four features: true fiber end-to-end, dedicated speeds, guaranteed uptime, and unlimited data usage.

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