SD-WAN: The Answer to Connectivity Issues

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Businesses are increasingly adopting SD-WAN, giving them the ability to simplify network management, improve application performance, reduce costs, and increase agility. SD-WAN – Software-Defined Wide Area Network – can be used to enhance your business infrastructure, whether you’re in an urban setting or a remote area, to get the resiliency and bandwidth prioritization you need.

The Use of SD-WAN Solutions and How iTel Applies SD-WAN

SD-WAN operates on multiple levels of the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model — a conceptual framework that provides a visual description of networking systems in a seven-layer model. With SD-WAN, businesses can create any kind of network on top of any type of circuit – and no two SD-WAN solutions are the same. At iTel, our SD-WAN offerings provide different benefits to businesses depending on the need. For example, we have SD-WAN solutions that create “bigger pipes” by bonding commodity DSL and Coax connections to get the full throughput for any high bandwidth single session traffic. SD-WAN can also:

  • Create layer 2 tunnels
  • Extend Ethernet networks
  • Create an instantaneous, carrier-agnostic failover solution
  • Conduct application awareness
  • Prioritize traffic to CRM or other priority applications over general internet

We have SD-WAN solutions that create layer 2 tunnels, another that creates layer 3 aggregate connections, as well as solutions that use layer 4-7 and are both application-aware and user-aware. 

Using SD-WAN to mesh connection mediums

SD-WAN is frequently used to help customers increase resiliency, introduce carrier redundancy, and create additional bandwidth. Often, the process includes taking coax and DSL, leveraging the two different mediums and the two different providers, and combining them into a single circuit with a single static subnet. This eliminates the need for any additional equipment to do the balancing on the client’s end. iTel then does the bonding and balancing of those circuits.

Enabling flexibility and scalability in the field

Aecon Construction, a global construction company that manages large projects such as dams, often find themselves working in rural locations. The nature of these projects means that multi-year contracts for bandwidth at sites doesn’t often make sense, but shorter contracts for the capacity they need can be inhibiting in other ways. 
Working with iTel, they implemented an SD-WAN solution to bond up to five different LTE connections in order to give them the bandwidth capacity they need. The result is a big data pool that can be taken and used anywhere it’s needed. 

Ready for SD-WAN?

If you’re ready to integrate SD-WAN into your business infrastructure and leverage its benefits, reach out to us at iTel. We’ve got a team of knowledgeable experts that are dedicated to your success. We’ll ensure that you get a customized solution for your telecommunications infrastructure. Contact us today to get more information or to get started.

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