SD-WAN: The Answer to Connectivity Issues

By September 23, 2019 October 15th, 2019 Blog, SD-WAN

Learn how SD-WAN solutions can be used to resolve numerous issues.

Businesses have increasingly adopted SD-WAN, giving them the ability to simplify network management, improve application performance, reduce costs, and increase agility. SD-WAN is a tool that can be used to enhance your business infrastructure. Whether you’re in an urban setting or a remote area, you can leverage SD-WAN to give you the resiliency and bandwidth prioritization you need.

The Use of SD-WAN Solutions and How iTel Applies SD-WAN

SD-WAN operates on multiple levels of the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model — a seven-layer conceptual framework that provides a visual description of a particular networking system. It helps create any kind of network on top of any type of circuit. And no two SD-WAN solutions are the same. At iTel, our various SD-WAN offerings provide different benefits to businesses depending on the need. For example, we have SD-WAN solutions that create bigger pipes in order to take commodity DSL and coax and bond them together to get the full throughput for any high bandwidth single session traffic. SD-WAN can also:

  • Create layer 2 tunnels
  • Extend Ethernet networks
  • Create instantaneous failover for carrier to carrier
  • Conduct application awareness
  • Prioritize traffic to CRM or counting system over general internet

We’ve got an SD-WAN solution that creates layer 2 tunnels, another that creates layer 3 aggregate connections, and then there are the solutions that use layer 4-7 and are application-aware and user-aware. 

Using SD-WAN to mesh two connection mediums

We frequently use SD-WAN to help customers address resiliency, carrier redundancy, and the need for additional bandwidth. Often, our process includes taking coax and DSL, leveraging the two different mediums and the two different providers, and combining them into a single circuit with a single static subnet. This ensures the business doesn’t need any equipment to do the balancing. iTel then does the bonding and balancing of those circuits.

In the past, we helped two companies, Fortis and Aecon Group, leverage SD-WAN to reach their business objectives. 

SD-WAN can help optimize MPLS network utilization

Fortis, a large gas and electric provider in British Columbia, Alberta and parts of the US, had an entire MPLS network with one provider. They had a lot of small sites that were in need of bigger bandwidth, but they wanted those sites to still be a part of the MPLS network. What’s more, Fortis needed to run high definition video capture across all their remote sites. 

In order to address this issue, iTel leveraged SD-WAN to extend Fortis’ MPLS network over the top commodity internet circuits. This gave Fortis more bandwidth, and sites, where DSL was the only option now, had additional options such as MPLS and fiber. The use of SD-WAN allowed iTel to take three to five different coax or DSL connections, bond them together, and give them a full throughput. This ensured that they could channel the traffic back into their data centers and into their MPLS network seamlessly.

Fortis was able to capture high-definition security footage in a resilient network that wasn’t reliant on a single commodity DSL. The use of SD-WAN not only gave them more speed but also more resiliency and an extension of the MPLS network.

Enabling flexibility and scalability in the field

Aecon Construction, a big global construction company that is in charge of mega-projects such as dams, often find themselves working in rural locations. This means that they don’t need bandwidth for years on end, instead, they need it for approximately a year. 

When they came to us, we used SD-WAN to solve their issue. We bonded together four to five different LTE connections in order to give them a fast connection, and that resulted in a big data pool that could be taken and used anywhere. 

Ready for SD-WAN?

If you’re ready to integrate SD-WAN into your business infrastructure and leverage its benefits, reach out to us at iTel. We’ve got a team of experts that is knowledgeable and dedicated to your success. We’ll ensure that you get a customized solution for your telecommunications infrastructure, and we’ll guide you toward the right solutions. Contact us today to get more information or to get started.