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Sales Summit 2024

Expand Your Footprint with Canada’s Largest Business Internet, Voice, and Data Network

Let's Forge A New Path For Business Connectivity!

Join iTel Networks and its talented team of Senior Leadership, Salespeople, and Marketing gurus for a week of strategy planning and development! An event where you can share your company’s innovations, strengths, and goals for 2024. This is your moment to explain to our team what separates your business from the rest so that we can together forge a new path for business connectivity. 

25+ Industry Experts

13 Industry Speakers

3 Days of Industry Knowledge

What To Expect At The Summit

Exhilarating Evening Events

As dusk falls, the summit transforms. Our Evening Events provide a perfect backdrop for relaxation and networking. Unwind in an informal setting while forging stronger bonds with peers and industry trailblazers.

Partner Lead Training

Our Partner Lead Training is designed to equip the iTel Networks team with cutting-edge tools and knowledge. This is your time to share your company’s expertise with advanced training sessions, delivered straight to the staff supporting your sales goals. These interactive workshops will focus on product proficiency, sales tactics, and market adaptation strategies, all tailored to drive mutual growth.

iTel 2024 Strategy Sessions

Dive into iTel Networks’ vision for the year ahead with our 2024 Strategy Sessions. Join the conversation as we unveil pioneering approaches and set ambitious targets. Together, we’ll navigate the evolving landscapes of connectivity and technology, ensuring that our partnership continues to thrive in an ever-changing market.

A Massive Thank You To All The Sponsors That Made This Event Possible!

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Have Any Questions About The Event?

If you aren’t sure about a location, timing, or event, you can reach out to any iTel employee in attendance for help. We will gladly assist you in every way that we can.