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NRF Conference Explores the Changing Landscape of Retail Technology

Mar 9, 2020 | Blog, Events, News

In January 2020, iTel was honoured to attend the NRF 2020 Conference as Comcast’s Canadian partner for business telecommunications. Held by the National Retail Federation, NRF 2020 is the largest retail conference and expo in the USA. This conference focused on societal changes as they impact the retail landscape, while also providing a platform for tech visionaries to share and present the latest advancements that are empowering innovation and growth throughout the retail industry.
Key discussions surrounded the sheer quantity of data available and how to use it effectively – specifically, building a frictionless experience for your customer base. With more information available than ever before, businesses will have to keep the core goal of improved connectivity at the heart of their efforts or risk losing their way.

Connectivity and networks have become more important than ever. Any downtime is a loss in revenue – and a loss in customer confidence.

– Dan Rink, CEO

However, connectivity is just one ingredient in the recipe of your IT success. iTel has the ability to both provision and manage your technology stack. From phone lines and internet to how you integrate cloud applications, we offer services that allow you and your staff to stay focused on progress while we optimize and manage your network.



Our goal is to empower you to connect your business in ways you never thought possible.
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