Eliminate Networking Woes with Managed Connectivity

By August 21, 2019 October 15th, 2019 Blog, Managed Services

Managed connectivity delivers the network performance that modern businesses need.Internet access powers how organizations communicate, transact business, and achieve goals. To accomplish objectives, businesses need network connections that are fast, reliable, and able to support the needs of today and tomorrow. Managed connectivity is a type of managed service that ensures your business has the right internet connection speed and network architecture, and it takes a proactive, holistic approach toward aligning access with your business needs.

Want to Ensure Optimal Networking for Your Business? Consider Managed Connectivity

At first glance, connectivity seems easy — hook up to the fastest connection available in a location, and you’re all set. While this method of accessing the internet is the go-to for residential connectivity, businesses have greater reliance on uptime, speed, bandwidth, and other factors. Connectivity is critical to day-to-day operations, so businesses can’t afford the lag and inconsistent download and upload speeds common with even the highest-rated residential broadband connections.

With managed connectivity, a managed services provider evaluates unique business operations and goals to determine appropriate speed, type of connection, and bandwidth requirements. Some factors that a managed connectivity provider will consider include:

  • Cycles in your business’s activity, such as busy retail seasons that may require faster speeds, more bandwidth, or failover protections
  • Cloud usage, and the need for symmetrical connection for uploading and downloading data
  • Use of remote employees and mobile connections that can demand higher bandwidth levels

Tapping Into Enterprise-Level Technologies, No Matter Your Business Size

After a thorough evaluation of business connectivity needs, your managed connectivity provider can offer solutions that help your network be as reliable and secure as possible. Managed connectivity is a full bundle of solutions that features guaranteed uptime and everything needed to ensure reliable access that is up to the demands of modern business. With these solutions, businesses can focus on revenue and growth, while the managed connectivity provider keeps the business connected.

With an Internet Service Provider that also offers managed connectivity and managed phone as add-on services, you don’t have to fix or troubleshoot problems yourself.

Experience Optimal Business Internet with SD-WAN

For multi-location businesses that need performance, visibility, and scalability, software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) is a robust solution that’ll take managed connectivity to the next level. SD-WAN adds balance and control to your network, and supports expanding cloud use and “as-a-service” models for various solutions, such as unified communications, call centers, and more. SD-WAN provides businesses with:

  • Improved visibility and control
  • Reliable failover
  • Scalability
  • Segmentation

With fully managed network control that bonds connections for increased bandwidth and instant failover, you can ensure that mission-critical functions get completed. SD-WAN also adds robust security features, such as:

  • Firewall and encryption. With managed network control, the entire WAN is protected by a centralized firewall and/or encryption to control and manage data.
  • Packet distribution. Spreading packets across multiple connections ensures the information can’t be easily stolen.
  • Stacked bandwidth. Provides true aggregation of combined connections allowing for a simple solution to accommodate future bandwidth requirements.
  • Site-to-site quality of service. Users can enjoy crystal clear voice and data transmission with customizable queues and filters.
  • Lossless failover. If a connection fails, traffic dynamically and seamlessly re-routes over online connections ensuring calls aren’t lost.

Overall, SD-WAN boosts network quality where you need it to improve performance, security, and reliability. And, as your network needs change, SD-WAN and managed connectivity are solutions that deliver optimal agility.

SD-WAN and managed connectivity can also help rein in out of control networking costs. With new and ever-evolving networking technologies, organizations can use multiple cost-effective hybrid options that deliver a seamless experience for users, employees, and customers.

Managed connectivity delivers the network performance that modern businesses need. At iTel, we provide business class internet connectivity throughout Canada through fibre and cable connections. Achieve the bandwidth and speed necessary for your critical business functions, without bogging down your operations with difficult-to-manage solutions. For more information on managed connectivity and how iTel’s vast and reliable network can support your business’s growth, contact us today.