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Kelson Group – Case Study

Jun 5, 2020 | Blog, Business Internet, Case Study, Fibre, MPLS, Network


Property Management

HQ in Kamloops BC, with properties across BC & Alberta

A large number of remote staff that require access to databases and equipment/sites that need to be monitored.

  • Solution:
    L2 Connectivity with Fibre at HQ
  • MPLS Network
  • Ethernet over ADSL/Coax
  • PBX & VOIP Phones


  • Easy to Add New Sites
  • Simplified Billing
  • Reliable Quality for Voice Traffic


Kelson Group provides apartments to help their residents live better – they believe part of that includes being able to supply the on-site teams with current information, in a timely manner. With a large number of remote staff requiring access to their data management platform, they were adding an increasing number of devices and sites across a diverse geographic area. As the logistics of maintaining the network required to support this became untenable, a new solution was required.


Working with iTel, Kelson Group was able to build out their network on L2 connections, meaning they could route all traffic through their head office without losing speed or stability. With MPLS on that network, they could monitor traffic and easily optimize for performance and efficiency. iTel’s ability to interconnect fibre and other broadband connections meant they were able to build one cohesive network which delivered ethernet to all their sites while maintaining high operational standards and security. They also layered-on voice with a hosted PBX system and VOIP phones. Delivering voice over a reliable and stable network ensured strong communication between their many diverse sites.


Technology has always been a priority for us. We try to operate as efficiently as possible and iTel has helped us do just that

Jason Wassing
IT Manager


Efficiency: Jason Wassing, Kelson Group’s IT Manager, found that his workload became drastically more manageable once the upgraded network was in place. He could now manage a multitude of devices and services across locations without interrupting staff at different sites. The increased insight he has into network operations meant that he could easily track and route traffic easier. Similarly, he could ensure staff at all locations could easily – and securely – access the data they need for maintenance and tenancy.

Additionally, they found that their billing practices were improved dramatically. With the increasing complexity of their operations, Kelson Group’s accounting team had been handling over a hundred bills a month for connectivity – and with iTel, they reduced that to one.

Growth: With strong infrastructure now in place, Kelson Group has been able to invest in improving their systems. They can now monitor equipment at various sites in real-time as opposed to relying on inspections – or emergencies – to tell them when maintenance is required. With better insight into their operations, they can ensure their buildings are being run safely and efficiently.

With iTel’s national footprint, adding new sites as the company expands is a straightforward process – as is connecting the many mobile devices in the field and a growing workforce. They’re now able to ensure everyone has reliable tools for communication.

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