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Why Your Business Needs a Disaster Recovery Plan

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Have you ever thought about what losing your data would mean to your business? Even occasional network downtime can cost your organization a lot of time and money – how would you fare in a full-blown disaster scenario?

Nearly 40% of small businesses fail to reopen after a natural disaster, and a majority of consumers would stop engaging with a brand that experienced a data breach. Disaster recovery is more than just doing regular backups of your network – it’s a key part of business continuity planning.
Any number of things can put your data at risk, from floods, fires, and earthquakes to facility malfunctions and equipment failure – not to mention good old human error. When disaster strikes, is your business safe?

Protect your organization from data loss and downtime

[/vc_column_text][divider line_type=”No Line” custom_height=”10″][vc_column_text]Implementing a solid Data Protection Plan will give your business the peace of mind knowing that your data is safe and your business is protected. Here’s how we can help safeguard your business against any and every catastrophe:

  1. Offsite backup for your files and virtual machines into our secure clouds.
  2. All data protected in two redundant geo-diverse locations.
  3. WAN-efficient solutions to minimize bandwidth utilization.
  4. Ability to utilize secure Layer 2 connectivity
  5. Custom disaster recovery solutions to for business continuity.

If network downtime can cost your organization thousands of dollars, have you ever thought about what a fire in your server room or a Cryptolocker attack would cost?

In light of the recent Cloudbleed security bug, we thought it would be fitting to go over how important a Disaster Recovery (DR) solution is for businesses of all sizes.

Disaster Protection. When mother nature strikes, she strikes. No business is immune to floods, fires, or earthquakes. If you have an on-premise server that isn’t backed up anywhere else, it’s going to hurt. The bathroom on the floor above malfunctions over the weekend and you come into a water world on Monday – POOF files gone.

Cyber Attack Protection. Today, every business is a target of cyber attacks. AT&T’s Cybersecurity Insight Report discusses how “hackers will no longer target just large organizations, as they can get equally valuable information in other places through analytics on the data they are collecting and combine data to make it more valuable. That means smaller organizations are more likely targets.”

All of this sounds pretty scary, but don’t worry there are ways you can save your business from “Threat Level Midnight” (since we’re talking about protecting “The Office”).

Protect your organization from cyber and disaster threat

Implementing a solid Disaster Recovery Solution will give your business the peace of mind knowing that you can be up and running in moments should disaster strike. Here is what you want to look for when creating your DR Plan:

  1. Offsite file backup over a private L2 connection that doesn’t travel over the public internet and stays in Canada, making it impenetrable by hackers.
  2. Solutions that replicate in increments. This is less bandwidth-intensive.
  3. Varying Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) to suite your business needs. Eg. do you need to replicate every 15 minutes, every 30 minutes, every hour, or just once a night?
  4. Redundancy. Does your cloud backup provider replicate to just one or multiple data centres/PoPs?

Replicating your files offsite adds a crucial layer of additional protection.

With an effective Data Recovery Solution, you can protect your business at the file, user, and server level. Replicating to offsite cloud backup means you will always have access to your files, and mission critical systems even in the event of a disaster.
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