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Support Your Business Internet Uptime with the Right Failover Method

Your business relies heavily on your internet connecting, supporting everything from cloud tools to email and VoIP phones. If your connection is interrupted, your business essentially stops cold. Preserving business internet uptime requires investing in a reliable continuity solution – with failover. Many businesses make the mistake of investing in failover that doesn’t offer much […]

Choosing an ISP for Your Business

There’s a lot at stake when it comes to choosing an Internet Service Provider (ISP) for your business. Not only do your employees need to access tools like email, but companies also increasingly rely on web-based solutions for provider and customer interactions. Technology like Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and cloud-based collaboration tools make a […]

How to Choose the Right Business Internet Connection

Choosing the right business internet connection is an easy way to prevent a lot of problems before they happen. Slow internet speed can frustrate your customers, slow down productivity and limit your use of new technology. As more business tools move to the cloud – and more of our interactions move online – a stable, […]