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The Case for Gigabit Internet for Business

If you’re asking whether gigabit internet is worth it for your business, you’re probably seeing the impacts of inadequate bandwidth firsthand. When your employees are waiting around for downloads to finish, you can quickly log a lot of lost productivity. As you grow and add more users to your network, it may be time to […]

The Difference between Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Connections

What do Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Mean for Connectivity? Symmetrical connections are exactly what they sound like; a connection with equal download and upload speeds. For example, with a 500/500 Mbps fibre internet connection you get 500 Mbps of download AND 500 Mbps of upload speeds. An asymmetrical connection, however, does NOT have equal download/upload speeds. […]

SD-WAN: The Bonded Internet "Dream Team" of Network Solutions

Here’s a good one: Your internet connection is SO slow that…. (hold on, the rest of the joke is still downloading). Not funny? Perhaps it hits too close to home for you and your current internet connectivity woes. If so, you may just be in luck.

Dedicated Fibre vs. Shared Fibre

If your business is in the market for a fibre connection with faster speeds, increased security, and complete redundancy then you’ll want to read this.