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Wavelengths – What are they and when do you need them?

Wavelength Services – also called Wave Circuits – are the gold standard when it comes to moving large amounts of data. Moreso than even dedicated circuits, Wavelengths provide massive bandwidth capacity at a reasonable price.
If your business has heavy data processing requirements, you’ve probably already done a lot to improve your connectivity. From QoS to continuity planning, you have a lot of options. So what is a Wavelength – and how does it fit into your scenario?

Wireless Business Internet: the Top 5 Terms to Know

Wireless internet, wi-fi, fixed wireless, 4G, 5G and LTE…what do all these terms mean? These terms sound familiar and simple when they’re thrown around in marketing materials. However, the truth is that few take the time to understand the terminology and what each could mean for business decisions. What does “Wireless Internet” Really Mean? At […]

What is Latency & How Can it Impact Business Performance?

Are you experiencing choppy video calls? Critical emails being delayed – and upsetting your customers? Latency issues are common and may be worth investigating. After all, your reputation is important and poor network performance isn’t an excuse. Latency is not only frustrating but can also be a costly business problem. Read more to learn more […]

Comparing SC and LC Fibre Optic Connectors

The two most common fibre optic connectors in use today are SC and LC connectors. While they are very similar, they are not interchangeable and differ in design and size. When getting ready for a fibre installation at your business, you must match the right connectors to your project.  This will ensure high performance and […]

How to Setup a Distributed Team for Success | Part 3

A hero image of a young man working from home and speaking on a phone

In part 1 of this 3-part blog series we explored the benefits of Unified Communications. For part 2, we will dive into efficiencies that come from using Managed Services. Planning as though your entire workforce is remote can help to create the most opportunity with managed services from anywhere. In an office setting securing corporate […]

The Case for Gigabit Internet for Business

If you’re asking whether gigabit internet is worth it for your business, you’re probably seeing the impacts of inadequate bandwidth firsthand. When your employees are waiting around for downloads to finish, you can quickly log a lot of lost productivity. As you grow and add more users to your network, it may be time to […]

Choosing an ISP for Your Business

There’s a lot at stake when it comes to choosing an Internet Service Provider (ISP) for your business. Not only do your employees need to access tools like email, but companies also increasingly rely on web-based solutions for provider and customer interactions. Technology like Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and cloud-based collaboration tools make a […]

How to Choose the Right Business Internet Connection

Choosing the right business internet connection is an easy way to prevent a lot of problems before they happen. Slow internet speed can frustrate your customers, slow down productivity and limit your use of new technology. As more business tools move to the cloud – and more of our interactions move online – a stable, […]

SD-WAN: The Bonded Internet "Dream Team" of Network Solutions

Here’s a good one: Your internet connection is SO slow that…. (hold on, the rest of the joke is still downloading). Not funny? Perhaps it hits too close to home for you and your current internet connectivity woes. If so, you may just be in luck.