Secure a stable power footprint today to guarantee your growth in the blockchain mining industry for tomorrow

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Green Sustainable Power and Political Stability

Shortsighted blockchain mining companies are building out hosting facilities on dirty power, in remote locations, and in politically unstable regions in hopes to acquire power for the cheapest rate.  For your blockchain mining company to be successful, you need to partner with a company which has direct access to green, sustainable power in a stable political environment. Enter iTel Networks.

Superior Networks and Technological Know-how

As a National Telecom Provider with over a decade of experience and a proven track record of success in the technology sector, iTel has built one of the largest aggregated fibre networks across Canada. Transitioning this knowledge to the blockchain mining sector and utilizing long-standing business relationships, allows iTel to access transmission rate power contracts directly. This access increases iTel’s position to secure sustainable green power and ongoing stability in operating their hosting facilities. By building these facilities in their backyard and not in some remote location, ensures that iTel’s expert technicians have physical access to the facilities near their headquarters in the interior of BC.

Be Proactive with Your Power Footprint

These are still the days of pioneers and those who are savvy, understand the value of claiming sustainable power for years to come. Those who secure a stable power footprint will have the luxury of being able to move and grow with the ever-evolving blockchain mining industry. Building your power footprint is essential for the future, as it’ll become increasingly difficult to do so. Reserve your hosting with us today in our current facility and planned build-out phases. We anticipate our offering will be at capacity soon so don’t wait!

Power Index Graph

Energy consumption is drastically on the rise. Once the power’s gone, it’s gone.

BECI: 10.233585108322497 TWh
BECI: 11.485688950131623 TWh
BECI: 13.655529392456776 TWh
BECI: 16.368440089652957 TWh
BECI: 24.250117447969988 TWh
BECI: 36.79505128190922 TWh
BECI: 52.69364052190162 TWh

iTel Mining Hosting Services

Base Cost Per kW per month

Miner Setup

Managed Services

Free Standing Colocation

100% Canadian Owned

100% Green Power

Uptime Guarantee

Hardware Surveillance

Onsite Technicians

Managed Colo Mining Package

  • Managed Service: GPU Mining – Profit Switching
  • Set Up Fees: Powering Cables / Fibre Internet Connectivity / Managed Cisco / Juniper Firewall / Internal Networking
  • Managed Colo Hosting Fee: Monitoring (Live Feed), Security, Facility Rental Fee, Electricity, Ambient Cooling
  • kW Minimum: 10kW
  • Minimum Term: 1 Year
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Enterprise Colo Mining Package

  • Enterprise Service: Customized Solution
  • Maintenance Customized Solution
  • kW Minimum: 50kW
  • Minimum Term: 1 Year
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How much do your charge per month to run a miner?

The managed colo hosting fee is based on per monthly Kilowatt and term of service. The minimum of hosting is 10kW monthly.

The managed colo hosting fee includes security, monitoring, facility rental fee, electricity, connectivity and cooling

What are the hosting packages and what's included?

Term Miner Hosting CAD (Per kW Monthly) Installation Charge
1 Year $150.00 $50.00 per miner
2 Year $140.00 $25.00 per miner
3 Year $130.00
4 Year $120.00
5 Year $110.00

What's included in the setup fee?

– Fibre Internet Access
– Setup & Provisioning of Miner
– PDU’s
– Switching and Routing
– Ethernet and Powering Cable
– Ambient Cooling

Do you provide VPN's?

Yes, on request, iTel will provide VPN to clients who host 150+ miners in iTel’s facilities

What forms of payment do you accept?

Bitcoin Payments
Credit Cards
International Wire Transfers

Note: All hosting services are provided at a minimum of 1 year, with the first 3 months requiring payment upfront

Are there duties?

Upon entering Canada, there may be a 5% duty
GST is 5%
It’s the client’s responsibility to pay all relevant fees and taxes

Is there an agreement to sign?

Yes, there’s a master service agreement that must be signed to protect both the Customer and iTel

Where are you based?

iTel’s HQ is based out of Kamloops, BC. Miners are set up in BC, Canada

Where are your data centres located?

Our first data centre is located in iTel’s HQ in Kamloops, BC, Canada
Availability: 50% Sold Out
1.5 MW’s sourced from hydroelectricity

Our second data centre is located in Kamloops, BC, Canada
Availability: 60% Sold Out
1.5 MW’s sourced from hydroelectricity

Do I pay for shipping my miners to your data centre?

Yes, delivery of the customers mining equipment is at their own risk

How long does setup of miners take?

Depending on the number of units being installed, the time range can be as quick as 1 day to 1 week

What's your uptime guarantee?

– 100%
– 4 Hour Mean Time to Repair
– Any malfunctioning or broken miners will be returned to customers at our discretion with the customer assuming responsibility for shipping

Can I Host GPU's?

Yes; however, hosting GPU’s is treated as a separate request and will require you to contact us beforehand to discuss the set up in more detail

Can I swap hardware mid contract?

We don’t allow the exchange of hardware mid-contract

Do you provide power supplies?

Customers are required to provide a power supply that’s 80-Plus Gold rated with an active power-factor-correction

iTel Mining Facilities

iTel Data Centre

Power Source

1.5 MW
Power Capacity

Open Now
Expected Date

50% Reserved
Reservations/Sold Out

Kamloops Data Centre

Power Source

1.5 MW
Power Capacity

Open Now
Expected Date

60% Reserved
Reservations/Sold Out

Secure Power Today

Executive Team

Danny Rink


As a Five-time business founder, Dan Rink has a proven track record of building and growing innovative technology companies. Currently, he leads the operation of iTel Networks, where he’s the Chief Executive Officer. Under his guidance, iTel is a company poised to be one of the top 10 fastest-growing companies in Canada and expanding marketing efforts into the United States.

Darcy Johnson


Darcy is a Chartered Professional Accountant who articled with KPMG Calgary. Over a 17-year career, he has extensive experience in corporate reporting, internal controls, budgeting, financial analysis, forecasting, treasury, risk and change management, and business strategy. He has worked for large national and international corporations and was the CEO of an innovative BC-based NPO that spun off two new organizations.

Kelly Pritchard

VP of Sales

With over 13 years of telecom industry experience, Kelly Pritchard is an experienced business, sales, and marketing professional. She is known in the industry for being a high energy sales leader with a passion for people, technology and The Channel. Kelly joined iTel from Shaw Communications where she most recently led a team of 11 National Partner Account Executives, grew channel sales 30% year-over-year and developed the Master Agent Program.

Caleb Rink

Site Operations Manager

Caleb has been involved in a multitude of successful building development projects over his career as a site operations manager. He specializes in developing site wide strategies to achieve site goals. Coordinating with senior level technical and support leadership at the corporate level, Caleb provides site support and guidance as it pertains to iTel’s Blockchain strategic initiatives.