ADSL Business Internet

High-speed, Enterprise-grade


Broadband Internet for Small & Medium-Sized Businesses

Your business needs a fast and secure internet connection with the ability to configure value-added services and upgrade when needed. iTel delivers enterprise-grade ADSL connections that will fit your business needs for today while getting you ready to upgrade as your organization grows.

ADSL Internet Solutions

ADSL is a dedicated business internet solution that delivers a range of scalable transfer speeds. Delivered on one of Canada’s most expansive networks, iTel ADSL is widely available across the country. Send large files, access critical applications and run online services.

ADSL is widely available across Canada

Widely available across Canada

ADSL is a cost-effective internet service

Cost-effective service

ADSL has a variety of bandwidth options

Variety of bandwidth options

ADSL offers the ability to upgrade to bonded internet

Ability to bond connections via SD-WAN

Add Value to Your iTel ADSL

As a full-service provider, iTel offers value-added services to enhance your entire business network. Add Managed Voice and/or data replication to your ADSL connection and enjoy the benefits of a first-class communications network all delivered on one simple bill each month.

Value-added bonded internet service


Upgrade your ADSL network by bonding multiple connections together. iTel’s SD-WAN is a fully scalable, packet-level balancing protocol that takes multiple internet connections and combines them into one.

Value-added iTel Managed Voice service

iTel Managed Voice

A complete end-to-end phone system that covers every single aspect of your voice system. We call it “managed” because our team of experts does all the work for you.

Value-added cloud services


Businesses today have more demands on their IT department than ever as applications move to the cloud and workers go remote. With iTel’s expansive colocation footprint, you can build the data centre solution that supports your efforts while staying secure and compliant.



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